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How to Create a Custom Menu in WordPress Sites

How to Create a Custom Menu in WordPress Sites

Being a powerful content management system, WordPress contains tremendous numbers of features. These features yield fruitful results when you use them efficiently. This wide list of features includes the offering to create a custom menu. Although this feature has not received much attention from the developers till now, WordPress custom menu is still an effective offering for you as it can be used for many purposes.

In this article, we’d like to discuss how to create a WordPress custom menu in different ways and use it effectively.

Reasons to Create and Use Custom Menu

why create wordpress custom menuCustom menu is an additional menu that can be created in your WordPress site if it runs on any WordPress version higher than 3.0. This menu is a navigation menu that assists your visitors in reaching the exact location they are looking for on your website. It is an advanced page that plays a remarkable role in providing convenience to your visitors. WordPress custom menu can be created and added to your WordPress site in many ways to enhance user-interface effectively.

There are many things that you can avail by creating a custom menu on your site. Firstly, you can change the order of pages available in the menu. Secondly, you can create links to category pages for better navigation. Lastly, you can add custom links to other sites as well as social networking profiles.

Create a Custom Menu Manually

You can create a WordPress custom menu without involving the need for any third party sources of tools. WordPress allows you to create one as well as multiple custom menus by executing certain steps on your site. If you are impressed enough by the reasons to have a custom menu and want to create one, you should follow several steps.

To begin with, you should log into your WordPress site by entering your login information and navigate to the WordPress Dashboard. Here, you need to click on Appearance menu that is located at the left side of the dashboard.

There is a Menus option in the Appearance menu that takes you to the editor page. Click on the Menus option to dig into the Menus editor page. You can, now, enter the customized menu name and select the Create Menu option.

Once done, you can look at the boxes presented on the left side of the screen and choose from the pages, categories and links to add items on your custom menu.

create wordpress custom menu

After the initial selection, you can change the order of menus from the Screen Options tab by expanding it through a single click. You can also customize other posts, tags, formats and advanced properties in the menu such as the CSS.

The last step is to arrange all the selected menu items in the appropriate order and click on Save Menu. This can successfully create a new navigation menu that can be customized and set anywhere on your blog.

After creating a custom menu successfully, it is imperative to assign menus in proper locations. To assign the location, you need to go to Manage Location tab and switch it into the administration section.

This section includes all the menu areas that are supported by your active theme. Here, you should find and select the most appropriate menu for your custom menu. Once done, save the settings by clicking on the Save Changes button.

Create a Custom Menu Using Plugin

Plugins are always fascinating for a huge number of WordPress users who don’t like much of manual tasks. If you belong to this category, you can use a plugin to create a custom menu on your WordPress site. There are dozens of plugins available in the store that facilitates in creating custom menus on WordPress site. One of the most effective plugins is Custom Menu Wizard Widget.

It is a powerful tool that provides assistance in managing your custom menu by automatically creating some custom class, and pre-filtering the menu items. Like all the other tools for WordPress, the Custom Menu Wizard Widget is easy to install and activate. All you need to do is activate the tool after uploading on your WordPress site and manage through the admin panel.

custom menu wizard widget

Use a Custom Menu

The task doesn’t complete by successfully creating a custom menu but goes beyond it. You should know how to use a custom menu in order to make it an effective tool for your site. Using a custom menu involves two major things, i.e. customizing the menu and deleting the menu.

Starting with customization, you can modify or edit the properties of your custom menu by navigating to the Menu item located on the right side of your dashboard. Here, you can find an edit control box.

You can also remove or delete your custom menu by simply clicking on the Remove link. No matter whatever changes or alterations you make, don’t forget to select the Save Menu button in the end.


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