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How to Create a WordPress Content Template for Fast Posting

How to Create a WordPress Content Template for Fast Posting

With modification and advancement being the most attractive features of WordPress, millions of people choose to use this content management system. The installation of thousands of themes, plugins and widgets are allowed by WordPress to boost up the appearance of a website. In addition to this, a remarkable feature that you can find on your site is WordPress content template.

In this article, we have discussed the WordPress content template and methods to create this template effectively on your site.

Reasons to Create and Use Content Template

why wordpress content templateContent template is the additional option presented in your WordPress site that allows you to change or extend the appearance settings the pages. It allows you to change the design of your pages by modifying elements presented in it; sidebars, for instance. You can use the content template to change the fonts that is currently being used and display a different header on your site’s homepage.

The most effective feature of using a content template is that it offers the archives template that lists all the content presented in your site. It works as a site map of the content section of your WordPress blog. It allows you to upload new posts in an easier way and lets the visitors to finds or read posts conveniently.

Methods to Create WordPress Content Template

There are several methods to create content template on your WordPress site. If you want to experience the benefits of using these templates on your website, you should follow any of the following methods.

Create WordPress Content Template Manually

If you love playing with codes rather than managing plugins, this method is just for you. You can create a content template on your site by implementing a few easy steps and codes correctly.
To begin with, you need to copy the code from the activated theme page.php file. For instance, if you are using the Twenty Twelve theme on your website, you need to navigate to the theme page.php file and copy the following code.

wordpress content template code

The only modification that you should make in the above-mentioned code to create a page template is to add one line of coding on the beginning of the code. The code that you should use is:

wordpress content template code

Upon the completion of this step, you need to start creating a basic page template. For this, you should make a full-width page template with no sidebar. It should be noted that we are discussing the creation procedure of this template type because it is the most useful and preferred by majority of websites.

A standard template has a sidebar on the right side of the screen, but this content template has no sidebars. Having said this, now you have to open an editor such as TextPad (for Windows) to create a new file. You can name this file as “no sidebar-page.php” or “full-page.php”. Now, you can upload this file to the theme folder of your WordPress site. The code that this file contains looks like as below.

wordpress content template code

A new template option can be available to choose in all the pages after you upload the “full-page.php” file. Now, you can simply choose the available option from the list to create a full-width page without any sidebar.

This is, however, not the completion of the template page. You still have to bring modifications in the content format so that it covers the entire page. For this, you need to find the stylesheet.css file in your theme and navigate to the bottom of the file where you can find this line of code.

wordpress content template code

In the above area, all you need to do is to change the width of the content area to 100%. You should remember not to bring any alterations in the rest of the code. After saving the settings, you only need to modify the full-width page template so that the page can link to CSS class having 100% width.

Therefore, the final code will look like this:

wordpress content template code

Upon completion, a content template can be added to your WordPress site. You can, now, enhance the appearance of your site as per your preferences.

Create WordPress Content Template using Plugin

If you do not want to undergo the manual procedure to create WordPress content template, you can use an efficient plugin. There are tremendous numbers of plugins for WordPress that allow you to create a content template. One of the effective tools is Easy Content Templates. You can use this plugin to define your template and apply the modifications to any of the popular post types.

You can simply implement the general procedure of installing and activating the plugin on WordPress to use the Easy Content Templates. You can configure and handle all the plugin-related issues from the admin panel. Overall, it is a simplified way to create a content template on your WordPress site.

easy content templates


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