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How to Create a Web Directory Using WordPress

How to Create a Web Directory Using WordPress

Web directory is the one winning great popularity. Naturally, how to create a web directory has become a big concern of most readers. To remove all doubt, we would like to show you an effective way to achieve the goal with WordPress.

A brief introduction on web directory is mentioned firstly. And then, a method to create a web directory comes after the lead-in and that is the use of a functional plugin for directory creation.

What is Web Directory & the Benefits of It

Web directory, also known as link directory, is a collection of links for visitors’ convenience to targeting websites as needed. It is divided into multiple categories and each category further includes a list of items with the respective links. For a business site, online store, or some other for-profit sites, web directory promotes consumption effectively and it is just like a navigation showing customers the correct way to find targeted products. We pick out an example from Google to give you a quick view on what is web directory.

what is web directory

Web directory encourages visitors to dig out more details from each link so as to care a hang about other web pages. That is a good idea to reduce bounce rate and get more traffic. Furthermore, since you have won a large user base, you can enable certain space for paid ads and earn money from advertisers. If there is a directory for blogs, you can change backlinks with other bloggers and add backlinks to your blogs. That facilitates the popularity of your site and get higher ranking on search engines.

How to Create a Web Directory with WordPress?

WordPress has developed numerous functional directory plugins for web directory creation, among which Business Directory Plugin is selected in this guide to help you make a hit. Thanks to the simplicity in function and design, Business Directory Plugin is easy to use and understand, even for beginners.

Besides, it is also a multi-purpose plugin to create any kind of category more than just a collection of links, and that can be addressbook, staff list, business directory, and so on. By featuring Stripe, PayFast and PayPal, this plugin accepts payment for listings. Since various business items are going to be displayed on your site, Business Directory Plugin ranks all businesses in different levels.

With a perfect integration with Yoast SEO, reCAPTCHA, Google Maps, and other tools, more advanced functions are available for you to create a web directory.

business directory plugin

Go to your WP admin > Plugins > Add New and search for Business Directory Plugin. Click “Install Now” upon activation. Two items including “Directory” and “Directory Admin” come to sidebar since you have completed installation successfully.

install business directory plugin

Note that, “Directory” is where to create new listings and edit the existing ones while “Directory Admin” enables more functions for you to customize and manage web directory. Let’s get started to create the first listing on your site. Go to Directory > Add New Listing, give that new listing a proper name and something correct to describe it.

create new listing

The “Listing Fields/Images” is where to add more details to this newly created listing, in terms of business website address, phone number, fax, contact email and brand image. Fill out those options one by one according to personal needs and upload a related image for that listing.

listing fields

Create as many listing as planned and check all newly created via Directory > Directory. Edit or delete any listings if needed.

all listings

And then, create multiple categories to classify those listings. Go to Directory > Directory Categories and name the new category properly. Give that category a brief description or leave it blank. Click “Add New Category” to confirm all settings.

add new category

Add more categories to classify all listings in good order. Accordingly, go back to Directory and assign listings to respective categories as needed. For better SEO, we suggest you to go add some tags to each listing, and that can be created via Directory > Directory Tags.

all categories

Having all listings distributed, you should set about displaying the web directory on your website and that should be held on a particular page. To this end, go to Pages > Add New and name the new page as Web Directory or something else according to personal needs. Insert the shortcode [businessdirectory] into this page and click “Publish” to make it into effect.

create web directory page

For visitors’ convenience of searching items, you’d better add the web directory page to menu bar and that is completed via Appearance > Menus. And then, go to website and check if there is a responsive display for the newly created web directory. The following sample directory is made on the basis of this guide.

sample web directory

Enable Payments for Each Listing

Business Directory Plugin enables payments for all listings by featuring Google Wallet. Go to Directory Admin > Manage Options where leaves you 7 tabs for web directory customization, including General, Listings, E-Mail, Payment, Registration, Image and Reset Defaults.
Target “Payment” tab and there are two sections available for you to change the payment settings, including Payment Settings and Google Wallet.

directory payment settings

Before everything, you should check the option “Turn On payments?” or else, there is no way for visitors to purchase an item. Pick out a currency code from the drop-down list, which enables more than 20 options for you. And then, edit “Thank you for payment message” or leave the default one.

Move to Google Wallet. You are required to active Google Wallet to take a good use of this shipping & payment method and set Seller ID & Seller Secret. Note that, a list of premium modules are shown on the right page, which allow more payment methods like PayFast, PayPal and Stripe. Click to download those payment gateways if needed. “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.

get a premium module

In addition to what we have mentioned above, there are more possibilities available at Business Directory Plugin for web directory customization. Explore more features as needed and create a functional directory on your business website.

More Directory Plugins for You

By the way, we would like to show you more directory plugins for the same purpose, such as Gravity Forms Directory, Active Directory Integration, Article Directory, and so on. Among those options, Gravity Forms Directory is comparable with Business Directory Plugin in the aspects of usability and popularity.

This plugin is designed for users who are using Gravity Forms and acts as an add-on for this form plugin. In this way, Gravity Forms is automatically turned to a directory plugin so as to come with more functionality.


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