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How to Create a To-Do List in WordPress

How to Create a To-Do List in WordPress

The to-do list has become an essential assistance for meeting day-to-day tasks nowadays, which improves the efficiency and productivity of executing any practice greatly. Therefore, many webmasters prefer to create one on their websites, informing them and their visitors of what time should do which thing. As for how to create a to-do list in WordPress, you can make use of Cleverness To-Do List Plugin. In the following, we have illustrated the steps to configure this plugin for the creation of this effective task reminder and manager.

Steps to Configure and Use Cleverness To-Do List Plugin

There are several plugins and tools that allow you to create a to-do list on your WordPress site. In this illustration, we are going to use the Cleverness plugin because it is used by tons of developers around the globe due to its user-friendly interface and advanced functions. Moreover, this tool is compatible with sites running on WordPress v3.8 or higher.

Starting with the procedure, you should download the Cleverness To-Do List plugin from an authorized source. Then, you have to upload the plugin file to your WordPress site and run the script. Upon installation, you must activate it from the backend of your site.

Once the plugin is activated successfully, a to-do list tab is added to your site’s admin bar. As you have to configure this plugin manually, you need to click on its dedicated tab to visit a to-do list screen. In this page, you can create a new checklist or add new tasks to your existing list manually.

To-Do List Page

For adding a new item to the list, you have to fill up several fields. This involves the Priority, Deadline, Progress and To-Do box. In the Priority field, you can set the importance of a task by choosing among the options of Important, Normal and Low. Deadline is the last date of completion for a task. Progress is the percentage of task completed in respect to that assigned item. The To-Do box contains additional or detailed information about an item or a task.

Add New To-Do Item

Now, there are several advancements in the Cleverness plugin that you must know and enjoy. This tool has multi-user support, which means that all the users of your WordPress site can configure and use this plugin. Precisely, from the Settings page, you can choose from three users – Individual, Group and Master.

Under the Individual view, every user is entitled to create, edit and manage a checklist freely. When you choose the Group list view, you as well as your partners can manage a checklist together. In the Master list, every user in your list needs to complete his task individually.

Cleverness Settings Page

When you use the Cleverness plugin in a Master or a Group list mode, you should configure and set some permissions from the User Permission settings page. There are several capabilities in the User Permission page that you need to configure effectively. Moreover, you can choose actions for subscribers, contributors, authors, editors and administrators through this page.

The most recommended permissions are Read for subscribers, Edit Posts for contributors and editors, Publish Posts for authors and Manage Options for administrators.

User Permissions

Cleverness plugin provides advanced functionality to the users who can access it through the admin panel. However, you get an option to offer this tool to your visitors and registered users. This is possible because you can integrate the plugin to your frontend using a shortcode or widget. Precisely, if you want to offer a to-do list in the frontend, you must create a new page and insert the shortcode [todoadmin].

When a to-do list is available in the frontend, the registered users having the permission to manage a list can view it. However, new visitors or logged out users can only find a box stating that the content of the section can only be viewed by logged in users.

If you want your visitors to view a to-do list on any post or page, the Cleverness plugin allows you to do so using multiple methods.

You can use a shortcode [todolist] to add a checklist to your WordPress posts or pages. Alternatively, if you want to insert a to-do list in the sidebars of posts or pages, you can use a widget. For this, you should navigate to the Widgets section through the Appearance tab and drag the To-Do List widget from the menu to a desired location of your sidebar.

To-Do List Widget


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