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How to Create Responsive Pricing Table in WordPress

How to Create Responsive Pricing Table in WordPress

If you are running a business site, then you need a table where you can write the prices of various products. If you have been searching marketing sites in the recent past, you are likely to have noted the different types of pricing tables and how they have been used.

With WordPress, you can choose from a selection of pricing table plugins depending on your site, your tastes and preferences. Most of the tables come with different templates and themes that allow you to customize them even further. It is easy to create pricing table WordPress as expounded below.

Top 3 WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

pricing table pluginSome sites have more than one table while others have a single table. This simply depends on your needs. WordPress has made it easy in that you only need to install and activate the related plugins to get started. Below are the top 3 options.

Pricing Table Plugin


This is a simple table that fits almost all sites. It is easy to customize and use. Some of its features include drag and drop feature for table rearrangement, a selection of templates and translation among others. There is both the paid and the free version of the table.

Pricing Table Plugin

Besides its ease of use, it generates a post type automatically for the pricing table. The plugin is CSS3 built to guarantee its responsiveness.


Installing this plugin is easy. You only need to upload the plugin file to the wp-content >> plugin >> directory, and then use the Plugins menu in WordPress dashboard to activate it for use. You can customize it further depending on the site and their tastes.

The price table plugin offers two buttons; the download and the buy button. The table can also support live chat and premium support that allows you to communicate with customers. You may enter the price and the details of various specials on your online market.

Other Features

You can get instant support, add up to eight items, create a great number of tables, customize and add extra features with the templates and many more. The table looks professional and modern and can lure your customers and readers effectively.

WordPress Pricing Table Pro


WordPress Pricing Table Pro Plugin is a great table with a drag and drop feature that allows you to re-order rows and columns. It can be used to create pricing table WordPress for comparison, feature and pricing. The plugin presents the user with more than 50 templates and a wide selection of colours for the user’s taste.

wordpress pricing table pro plugin


This table plugin is easy to use with a great admin interface that is friendly even to the newbies. It features a PayPal button and allows you to edit features and packages. It offers unlimited columns that can be reordered by the drag and drop feature. It works best with other plugins on your marketing site and is easy to install, activate and use.

The plugin loads a number of templates randomly and fast for a table. It has unlimited icons and allows you instantly view after customizations. You can change text labels, hide items on rows and columns, we well as un-hide them and many more.

Installation and Use

To use the pricing table, you may be required to use shortcodes to select the template that you like after which you can customize the table to your liking. To select the template you need, use the shortcode below inside the page content:

pricing table shortcode

Don’t forget to replace table_id with the template_name.

pricing table pro

Go Responsive and Compare Pricing Table Plugin


This a powerful plugin that allows you to create traditional pricing tables beside the modern tables. It allows for the team viewing and comparison between tables, which is easy to set up and to use through your WordPress Admin Panel.

The responsiveness of the table is optional, so you can either turn it on or off. You can also customize the responsiveness of the table to integrate with your site. With Go pricing tables, you can create multiple tables on your site or just decide to have one.


responsive featuresThe export and import features are new on this plugin and are great for users. The plugin presents you with more than 90 templates that allow you to customize the tables even more. There is HTML5 acoustic support, touch support, image support, video support and PayPal button available.

Other features include five different shadow styles, easy to use admin panel, unlimited columns, drag and drop interface, Google map, a wide selection of icons and translation among others.

Installation and Use

After downloading the Go Pricing Table plugin, installing and activating, go to Settings on your WordPress Admin and select Go Pricing. From here, you can customize the table to your liking.

First, you need to set the table name and then the table_id that is the name of the template you want to use. You can then set the size of the columns and background colour and click the Save button to save your table.

Note that you can create pricing table for free or get the premium table versions that have more features with this plugin.

go pricing table plugin

Other Options

In addition to the above-mentioned three options, there are also many other great pricing table plugins. You can even refer to this page to get some alternatives for table building on your site.

Pricing Table Ready


By using the pricing table ready plugin, you can get excellent assistance in the management of pricing tables on the WordPress pages and posts. This plugin includes variant styles. So, you can easily select the desired kind of style for your online websites and blogs. It can help you in creating responsive pricing tables and comparison tables too. Five different kinds of table templates are added in the plugin. In addition, the features include drag and drop columns, table live preview, texts, buttons and special styles for all kinds of pricing grids.

Pricing Table Ready

Easy Pricing Tables for WordPress


The Easy Pricing Tables for WordPress makes it quite easier to publish and create exceptional tables of pricing on your WordPress websites. With this plugin in hand, you can publish and create your website’s pricing table within no time span. The plugin enables conversion rate optimization and also assists you through the process of the creation of pricing tables for converting. It can easily work with all the themes of WordPress.

Easy Pricing Tables for WordPress

Easy Pricing Table


With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can create beautiful comparison and pricing tables with amazing effects within a few minutes. This plugin can embed the tables in any of your website posts with the help of shortcodes. You can also add them by using widgets too. This tool is quite easy to use. It is fully responsive and contains attractive hover effects. You can create as many tables as required in your website with the help of this plugin.

Easy Pricing Table

POWr Price Table


This plugin is simple, fast and easy to be customized. You can edit the tables into your WordPress pages with this plugin in your hand. You can use shortcodes, or you can also make use of widgets for adding price tables to your posts and web content. You can use POWr price table plugin on all kinds of websites. It has responsive design that looks excellent on all kinds of devices.

POWr Price Table

Pricer Ninja


Pricer Ninja is a very strong plugin that can be utilized for incorporating pricing tables in your WordPress sites and posts. The plugin is responsive, which means that the tables can be presented in a very proper manner on all kinds of devices including laptops, desktop computers and smart phones. With this plugin, you can easily embed a pricing table in your WordPress sites and posts. You are not required any sort of technical knowledge for using this plugin.

Pricer Ninja



This is a very powerful tool that can help you in publishing pricing tables on the pages of WordPress and other contents. It contains all those necessary features that you may require for building the pricing and comparison tables for your offered services and products in a very simple manner. You can easily sign up for free in order to use this plugin. The plugin is simple and very easy to be used.


Pricing Tables


Pricing Tables plugin is a free and very strong plugin that is simple and very easy to be used. It can be easily customized for displaying the tables at anywhere in your WordPress websites and other posts by using shortcodes and widgets. It is a pure plugin, which contains HTML and CSS3 features in it.

By using this plugin, you can control the width and colours of your columns for matching the currently used themes and colours of websites. You can also add suitable background to your WordPress websites with the help of this plugin.

Pricing Tables

Kento Pricing Table Free


Kento Pricing Table is a pure HTML and CSS3 featured plugin. It helps in creating pricing table grids in your websites. With this plugin in use, you are able to incorporate unlimited rows, colours and columns in your tables. The other features of Kento Pricing table plugin include tooltip texts, blank field cross icon, easy administration panel and the display of shortcodes for effective use.

Kento Pricing Table Free

IND CSS3 Pricing Table


With the help of this plugin, you can create infinite pricing tables in your websites. The other amazing features of this plugin include different styles, hover style, subscription period, CSS3, ribbons, fonts, shortcodes, infinite rows and columns along with unlimited colours. This amazing WordPress table pricing plugin is definitely going to assist you in creating as many tables in your websites as you want.

IND CSS3 Pricing Table


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