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How to Create an Editorial Calendar in WordPress

How to Create an Editorial Calendar in WordPress

The editorial calendar is a great function to schedule web content in the long run. That allows webmasters to draft a post in advanced and make a decision on when to publish it. In this way, the post will be published on the specific time. After having a rough idea about what is an editorial calendar, you might as well enable it for your website by following this guide.

WordPress has launched a large number of plugins for that purpose and the selected method is Editorial Calendar. The new update of this plugin enables more advanced features for the use of an editorial calendar. Start with a general knowledge of this method and then take a good use of it.

Enable an Editorial Calendar on Your Website with Plugin

The Editorial Calendar plugin simplify the process of scheduling posts by supporting drag & drop function. Users just need to drag and drop items to adjust when to publish each post. It also enables a quick way to edit post details via an understandable interface. Besides all that, more possibilities are available for you once having the plugin installed on your website.

Go to Plugins > Add New and search for this plugin from the search bar. Complete the installation and activation step by step.

Install Editorial Plugin

After having the Editorial Calendar plugin activated on your website, the option “Calendar” appears under Posts. That directs you to the Posts Calendar interface.

Posts Calendar

Schedule Posts on Editorial Calendar

Go to Posts > Calendar and here you access to the Posts Calendar interface. This calendar integrates with your WP-admin seamlessly, which makes it possible to edit a post in a simple manner. This plugin enables users to schedule posts in two ways and the details are shown as below.

Method 1: Create and schedule a post via the calendar quickedit box

All upcoming dates are shown on the calendar and each comes with a quickedit box. Since we are going to publish a post on Friday, June 19th, hover over that box and click “New Post”.

Edit New Post

A quickedit box pops up, which requires you to type the post title and content as needed. In addition to fixing the date of release, you should specify the publishing time as well. And then, expand the Status list and select the current status for this post. Finally, click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

Note that, the decision on any status makes no difference on the final schedule, which are only used as hints. For instance, the “Draft” is used to remind you that the post is in draft with something to be modified, which is similar to “Pending Review”. The “Scheduled” indicates that the post has been finalized and ready to be published.

Quick Edit New Post

Schedule more posts in the same way if needed. To bring forward a post or put it off, you just need to drag and drop an item to anywhere in light of requirements. Keep in mind that there is no way to schedule a post in the old dates.

Change Schedule Time

If there is a need to makes some changes to the posts in draft, you can reopen this post and then edit it again. Once clicking the “Edit” link, you are redirected to the post edit page automatically. The newly scheduled post is synchronized to the Posts list. That allows you to edit, delete or preview the scheduled posts easily.

Method 2: Schedule posts that have been drafted beforehand

For most readers used to edit a post via Posts > Add New, we figure out the method 2 to this end. Go to Posts > Add New and create as many posts as planned. And then, save all newly created posts as drafts.

Create New Post

Go back to Posts > Calendar and click “Show Unscheduled Drafts”. All unpublished posts are shown in the “Unscheduled” list. For instance, we would like to publish the “Schedule Post” on Tuesday, June 13th. To do so, we should drag & drop the target post and place it on the specific box.

Drag and Drop Schedule Post

Matters need attention! Since there is no way to fix publishing time for posts that are created via Posts > Add New, you need to hover over the item and then click “Quick Edit”. When the quickedit dialog comes out, select a time from the drop-down list and save all changes.


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