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How to Create Custom Short URL for Your Domain Name?

How to Create Custom Short URL for Your Domain Name?

You may have noticed that many famous brands like TechCrunch and New York Times sharing their website URL on social media with a short one. So, why are they bothering to replace the lone URL with the short one? The reasons are simple, for a concise one is helpful to enlarge brand fame and is easier for people to remember. Of course, a short one is extremely cool. For example, New York Times applies its exclusive short URL like “nyti.ms”.

After realizing the benefits of short URL, every site owner may intend to build a special one for his wonderful website, no matter it is personal or business. However, as newbies in cyber world, most people are confused about how to carry out their ideas, and thus email us for solutions. In the following, our editors give some practical and easy-to-handle suggestions to help readers create custom short URL for their domain name.

short urlIt doesn’t matter if you do not know anything about creating short domain because we write the tutorial with simple words and expressions without any technical terms, even kids can understand it easily. What’s more, the whole process is not that difficult as you assume. In total, we introduced three methods in below. Note that the first two methods only suitable for those who have a short domain already while the third one is universal.

Get Short URL with Codes/WordPress Plugin

If your domain name is short, then, the two methods are your call. The following codes can help you get a short URL, just copy and paste them into your single.php file and then, it will show a URL like http//whatswp.com/?p=346.

Get Short URL with Codes

However, if you prefer using WordPress plugins to fulfill all your needs like showing weather on your site, building a sitemap, and of course, creating short URL; then, you can find related and useful plugins about those usage. Go to WordPress.org and get Short URL Plugin. It can not only help to create short URL, but also allow users to track how many times a link has been clicked through.

Get Short URL

Get Short URL with Bit.ly

If you don’t want to use the above two methods or your own a long domain name, then, there are a lot of services you can use to get a short URL, such as ekey.us, tr.im, and bit.ly. Today, we are going to introduce the most popular service – Bit.ly.

Purchase a URL

First of all, you need to find an available short domain in an easy and quick way under the help of Domai.nr. Just enter the one you want and the website will show you various domain extensions, as well as which one is available for buying. Note that, the domain you entered needs to be less than 15 characters. After picking a domain successfully, the next step is to make it valid in domain registrar and we recommend you go to GoDaddy that plays the leading role in the industry.

Create Custom Domain in Bit.ly

bitlyAs most people are not able to write their own scripts to manage and track short URLs, they need to ask help from professional service, such as Bit.ly that is free to use. Firstly, visit Bit.ly to register an account and then, login to it, and click on Settings that is under your username. After the setting page appearing, click on Advanced and follow the instruction to add your short domain.

Build a Record for Customized URL to Point to Bit.ly

Now, you need to add A Record for the customized URL to point to Bit.ly’s IP address. Go to your domain registrar and we assume it is GoDaddy; then, find the A Record under “Total DNS” to point it to the IP that is the IP of Bit.ly.

Verify Your Tracking Domain

Till now, the whole process is finished and what you need to do is waiting for the domain change information, which will take up to 48 hours usually. Once you have received the information, any shortened URL from your site will use your customized domain.


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