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How to Create a Stunning Coming Soon Page in WordPress Before Launch

How to Create a Stunning Coming Soon Page in WordPress Before Launch

A coming soon page comes in handy when your site is under construction and getting ready to engage users with a new look. This page lets visitors into a notification and indicates that the current site will come back before long. If there is a need to shut your site for a period of time, follow this guide to create a stunning coming soon page in WordPress with a few steps.

What Should Be Displayed on a Coming Soon Page?

Coming Soon Page BasicsTo keep regular users as well as attract new users, you should make the coming page stunning and informative. That should brief all visitors how long your site will be launched and what visitors can get from your site. Here we list some necessary elements of a great coming soon page.

  • Company brand or site name – Highlight the name of your company or website on the page, making it as showy as possible. In this way, visitors would recognize your brand once accessing to this coming soon page.
  • A brief introduction for your site – Leave a brief introduction about the upcoming website so as to brief visitors on what your business is. Note that, the introduction should be informative and engaging.
  • Count down widget – That plays a role in reminding visitors of how long the website construction takes to come through. A process bar is also a great option to display the complete status intuitively.
  • Email signup field – That makes a big difference on the increase of conversion rate. Since some visitors care a hang about your upcoming website, they would like to sign up an account and become a potential customer for your business.
  • Social media buttons – Integrate the coming soon page with your social media accounts thereby encouraging visitors to get something new via those social networking platforms.
  • Beautiful background – Since a great page design leaves a pleasant impression on visitors, you should select a beautiful background image for your coming soon page.

Here, we would like to show a good example of coming soon page.

Coming Soon Page Example

How to Create a Stunning Coming Soon Page

After having a rough idea about what a coming soon page is, it’s time to create a stunning one by following this step-by-step guide. The selected method to make a hit is Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin, which enables full customization for your coming soon page and works with all WordPress themes.

Step 1: Install and activate Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin via WordPress dashboard. An option “Coming Soon” is shown under Settings. That includes a list of settings to help you create and set up a unique coming soon page with ease.

Install Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin

Step 2: Go to Settings > Coming Soon and get started to configure some basic settings of your coming soon page. Move to Image field and this is where to display the logo of your brand. You can select an image from media library or directly enter the URL of this image. Adjust the size of this image and make it match with the whole design perfectly.

Give your coming soon page a proper name and type it in the Headline field. The words “coming soon” is not allowed to be included in the headline. Give this page a brief description, which is shown under the headline.

Coming Soon Page Basic Settings

Step 3: Some advanced settings enable more functions to a coming soon page. To collect emails thereby developing potential customers, there is a need to display an email signup box on the page. Enable the FeebBurner function and enter your FeedBurn address as required. And then, enter the Header Scripts and Custom HTML as needed. Click “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.

Advanced Settings

Step 4: Style your coming soon page. Move to the Style setting mode and select a background image for this coming soon page. The image should be beautiful and act in high definition. If you wish to make the page design simple and quietly elegant, you can set a unique color as the background. Enable the option “Stretch Background Image” to make this background image match with any browser size.

Select a font color, which should differ from the background color. And then, set the font for headline and body according to personal needs. A list of System Fonts and Google Fonts is available here. Besides, it is optional to add custom CSS here. Since you have all settings done, click “Save Changes” button.

Page Style Settings

Step 5: Preview the newly created coming soon page. Since everything gets ready, click the “Live Preview” tab and preview this coming page on the front-end. If there is nothing to be modified, go back to the setting page and check “Yes” to activate the coming soon mode.


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