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How to Create Audio and Video Playlist in WordPress

How to Create Audio and Video Playlist in WordPress

Showing an audio or video playlist in WordPress site leaves an easy manner for visitors to enjoy a piece of music or a great video. That becomes a popular strategy to engage visitors and get more website traffic. Since WordPress 3.9, this powerful software allows users to create custom audio/video playlist as needed, which could be as easy as adding images to a web page.

The way on how to create audio and video playlist in WordPres website is introduced in the following guide clearly. Do it without using a plugin or make a hit by means of an audio/video playlist embedding plugin. That depends.

Create Audio/Video Playlist without Using Plugin

Before creating a playlist, you are required to upload all audios and videos on your website via WP admin. Go to Media > Add New and select files from the local disk. If a file exceed the maximum upload size for this site, it will be left outside. To avoid such embarrassing situation, you should set about increasing WordPress file upload limit so as to leave enough room for the upload files.

Having all audio/video files uploaded, go on with the following steps and create a playlist for a collection of media files. Here, we would like to create an audio list at first. The way to create a video playlist is much the same as the way to create one for audios.

Step 1: Go back to the Media Library and expand the drop-down list. Select “Audio”. All audio files you’ve uploaded jut now are shown in this page. Perhaps, you can upload more audio files if needed.

Media Library Audio Playlist

Step 2: Create a new post/page to showcase the audio playlist or display it on an existing post/page. Click “Add Media” button and access to “Insert Media” page.

Add Media Playlist

Step 3: Several options are listed in the left column. Select “Create Audio Playlist” to insert audio playlist in the post. If you have uploaded video files just now, an option “Create Video Playlist” is also included in the column, which is used to insert video playlist in WordPress. Filter all audio files and select what should be included in the playlist.

Create Audio Playlist

Step 4: Once targeting an audio, the detailed information of this file is shown on the right Attachment Details section. Feel free to edit the title, artist, album, caption and description of the current file or leave the default settings.

Edit Attachment Details

Step 5: Having all settings done, click “Create a new playlist” button on the bottom right corner. Customize the playlist settings and then “Insert audio playlist”. A playlist shortcode is generated automatically in the Text editor. You can display this playlist in any other posts or pages by inserting this shortcode.

Step 6: Check if there is something wrong with the newly created audio playlist via Visual editor. If everything is OK, publish this post and make the playlist public on your website. That is shown as below.

Audio Playlist Sample

How to Edit an Existing Audio/Video Playlist

If there is a need to delete an audio/video or add a new one to the audio/video playlist, go to the post visual editor and click this playlist mode. Two options appear automatically, namely, Edit and Delete. Click “Edit” button to enter the Edit Audio Playlist page.

Edit Audio Playlist

You can drag & drop any files to change the play order optionally or click “Reverse order” button to reverse all files. Besides, it is easy to delete a file or add a new one to the playlist. Update the playlist to confirm all changes.

Update Audio Playlist

Create Audio/Video Playlist with WordPress Plugin

The selected method here is CP Media Player- Audio Player and Video Player. That is regarded as one of the best WordPress music player plugins for music lover and designed for a showcase of both audios and videos. Install and activate this plugin via Plugins > Add New. And then, create an audio/video playlist with this method step by step.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/audio-and-video-player/

CP Media Playler Plugin

  1. Go to Settings > Audio And Video Player and focus on the “Create new one” mode. Check Audio or Video and create new media player.
  2. Configure this newly created media player. Name the player properly and set its width & height as needed. It is optional to autoplay music and show playlist. Besides, you can purchase a skin to enable a unique and attractive appearance to your media player.
  3. Add audio/video files to the player. Click “Create New Item” and select an audio/video file from media library. Give it a proper name and click “Insert/Update item on playlist” to confirm settings. Create as many items as needed in the same manner.
  4. Create the media player after having all items uploaded. An audio/video player with playlist is created successfully.

By the way, we would like to recommend some other plugins that help you add an audio playlist or a video playlist with ease.

  • Soundy Audio Player – That allows users to display an audio playlist in any post or page as needed. Full customization of playlist appearance is available.
  • WordPress Video – That is a WordPress video playlist showcase plugin, allowing users to display and manage all videos in a playlist easily.


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