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How to Create a Quiz for Your Users in WordPress

How to Create a Quiz for Your Users in WordPress

A quiz is a funny and absorbing assessment that arouses the enthusiasm of visitors in an effective way. It is regarded as a great method to understand your users and has been popular with more and more webmasters. If you plan to go with the trend but have no idea what to do with a quiz and how to create a quiz in WordPress, follow this guide to find the answer.

The Benefits of Using a Quiz in WordPress

Benefits of Using a QuizQuizzes apply to various fields, like education, business, e-commerce, etc. That can be used for learning progress acceleration, employees evaluation, consolidation of knowledge, and so on. Get to know the benefits of using a quiz in WordPress and then make clear which questions should be included in your quiz.

  • Test proficiency in an easy manner – If you are running an e-learning system or an education website, a quiz is of great use for testing the acquisition of new knowledge that students have learned just before. That applies equally to a corporation for the purpose of technical expertise test.
  • Save time to get a test result – There is no need to test users in paper form so as not to spend too much time correcting each paper. Since all items have been checked and corrected, the total points are worked out in real time. That is far more efficient than grading exam papers one by one.
  • Arouse users’ passion of learning – An online quiz enables more flexibility than paper examination, especially in terms of design. By means of a quiz plugin, you can enable a dynamic quiz with illustration to make learning not a dull thing.

More benefits are available only when you create a quiz on your website. Keep in mind that the quizzes should be updated frequently with innovative topics. Move on to the step-by-step guide below and create a quiz for your users with SlickQuiz plugin.

How to Create a Quiz with SlickQuiz Plugin

Search for this plugin from WordPress.org or WP-admin and then install it on your website. Upon activation, the item SlickQuiz is included in the sidebar. Note that, SlickQuiz enables you to create unlimited quizzes as needed and display each quiz on one web page by inserting a specific shortcode.

Having had a rough idea about SlickQuiz, get started to create the first quiz via SlickQuiz > Add Quiz. A list of fields is included in the Edit Quiz page, among which the options marked with five-pointed star are required. Give it a proper name, like “How Smart Are You?” or something else.

Quiz Title Main & Result Copy

The Main Copy is where to type a brief description for the current quiz and that is just like opening remarks. On the contrary, the Result Copy should be something shown upon quiz completion followed by quiz result. It is optional to complete the two fields.

Move to Ranking Levels mode. After answering all questions in the quiz, users will get a final score in five levels. Describe each level in a few words. The Level 1 should be the best score while the Level 5 should be the worst.

Ranking Levels

Expand the question edit tab, which requires you to create as many questions as needed. Type the first question in the Question field clearly. Customize a response message that will be displayed when users answer this question correctly. In the similar way, give it an incorrect response message if the answer is wrong.

Type multiple answers to confuse users, among which the correct answer should be checked. Although there are two answer fields by default, you are allowed to click “Add answer” and add as many answers as needed to this question. Two extra options are available for a customization of the multiple-choice question. Check them if needed.
Note that, the up arrow icon on the top right corner of this tab is used to stick this quiz while the down arrow icon is used to always place this quiz in the bottom.

Create Question Answers

And then, click “Add Question” to add the second question to this quiz. Likewise, the question, correct response message, incorrect response message and answers are all required. Don’t forget to check the right answer. Having all questions and answers settled, you can preview this quiz on the dashboard. Take the first question we’ve made just now as an example.

When accessing to this quiz, users should click “Get Started!” button to start with the first question. Choose an answer from the given options and then confirm it.

Quiz Sample

If there is no more question to be added, click “Publish” to make this quiz into effect. In this way, a unique ID for this quiz is generated automatically. That can be checked via SlickQuiz Management page. Here, the ID number of our first quiz is “1”. Go and display this quiz on a web page with the specific shortcode.

Display a Quiz on Your Website

The shortcode [slickquiz id=X] is used to display a quiz on any page or post as needed. Replace “X” to the ID number of the quiz. Since we’ve made a quiz with the ID number “1”, the shortcode should be as [slickquiz id=1]. Copy and paste this shortcode to a new page or post. The last step is to make it public to your users.

A collection of scores for this quiz can be viewed via SlickQuiz Management page. Each item comes with five icons for quiz customization. That allows you to check the total scores of each quiz as well as delete, edit, unpublish or preview a quiz.

SlickQuiz Management

By default, the Start button text is “Get Started!” and that can be replaced to other words via SlickQuiz > Default Options if needed. Besides, you can also modify the text for Check Answer button, Next Question button and Back button. The values of “Question Count label” and “Question Template text” determine how to display the question number and question.

SlickQuiz Copy Settings

Here, we suggest you to check the option “Enable sharing (twitter, facebook, and email) buttons?” to add social sharing buttons to a quiz. It allows users to share quiz result on some popular social networking platforms easily. Finally, click “Update Options” to confirm all settings.

Enable Social Media Button


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