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How to Duplicate or Copy WordPress Pages and Posts

How to Duplicate or Copy WordPress Pages and Posts

A copy of page and post makes it much easier to create multiple posts/pages with certain alterations, like titles and a little bit of content. That is perfect for an online store with a display of products in large quantities. Perhaps, it can be used for many other purposes. Since WordPress has not enabled the function of pages/posts duplicate by default, we make a guide that shows you the way to allow this feature for your site in an easy manner.

A handy plugin is selected in this guide to simplify matters, namely, Post Duplicate, which is a simple tool used to copy pages & posts and edit duplicated content as a draft. It is great for users who don’t want to touch any coding stuff because no knowledge of HTML is needed.

Take a Good Use of Duplicate Post Plugin

Millions of users have benefited from Duplicate Post plugin thanks to the usability and rich functions. After having the Duplicate Post plugin installed and activated on your website, an item Duplicate Post is included in Settings for plugin general customization.

Duplicate Post Plugin enables two ways for pages and posts clone. The first method allows you to complete duplicate via All Posts/Pages. Hover over a post or page as needed and check if there are two functions called “Clone” and “New Draft” under each post/page. If so, get started to have the first post/page copy done.

New Clone Function

Method 1: Click “Clone” under a certain post. A new copy of this post in draft is created automatically, which is absolutely the same with the original post except for permalink. Open this copy of post in the editor and make some changes to post title, content, category, featured image, permalink or something else as planned. Publish it after having all changes done.

If you wish to enter the post editor once duplicating a post, the “New Draft” feature should be in progress. That makes a copy of this post and directs you to the post editor simultaneously. Go and modify the post content as needed, and then publish it.

Method 2: The “Copy to a new draft” function is another method to copy a post/page and edit it in a draft. That is included in the editor and shown under Publish mode.

Copy to a New Draft

Once clicking the link “Copy to a new draft”, you are directed to the editor with a new copy of post. Likewise, make a change to the duplicated content as needed and then publish it if everything gets ready.

Duplicate Post General Settings

Duplicate Posts plugin comes with a set of options for what content should be duplicated, in terms of post/page status, excerpt, child posts/pages, attachments and date. Go to Settings > Duplicate Post and check the items to be copied.

Duplicate Post Options

To differentiate between the original post/page and a duplicated one, you are required to add a prefix or suffix to the original title. For example, we type “duplicate” in the “Title suffix” field and then make a copy of the post “xxx”. The title of this duplicated post will be “xxx-duplicate”. Besides, you can also decide which fields and taxonomies should not be copied.

The settings on which roles allowed to be copied and where to show links are also available for you. Finally, save all changes.

Matters Need Attention

In addition to products information showcase, post/page duplication can also be used as a staging environment for multi-author websites. If you are running a website with multiple authors and require them to edit post in a fixed model, you can edit a text template in advance and duplicate it as many as needed. Authors will edit posts on the fixed template as required.

Keep in mind that the website with too much duplicated content will be punished by Google Panda thereby dropping in search engine rankings. To avoid such embarrassing situation, you have to ensure the unique value of each post/page and have the fixed models distributed properly on your website.


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