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How to Build Email List for WordPress in a Proper Way?

How to Build Email List for WordPress in a Proper Way?

Bloggers and small business owners are talking about email list building. Each one of them knows that they should have an email list if they are to succeed online. However, not all of them know what email list is or how to go about creating and growing this online.

In fact, it is not complicated to use an email marketing service and quite different issues growing the email list. Read on to know what email list is and how to build it following easy tips.

What is an Email List?

As the name suggests, email list is a composition of email addresses for people who have voluntarily subscribed to receive email updates, newsletters, and any other information that you offer on your site.

It is an avenue for you to stay in touch with your readers or clients on a regular basis. You can send product news, offers, announcements, as well as weekly or monthly newsletters.

Why Do You Need an Email List?

Email ListAccording to many popular sites, email marketing gets up to ten times the number of clicks, more than they get from all social media combined. Email is personal and private and thus most people click on emails compared to social media.

It is one way to ensure that your content gets to the intended party unlike the use of Facebook or Twitter where your updates may be missed. Besides, by using email marketing, you have control over the users unlike in social media where you are bound to lose all your followers if the account is suspended.

For email marketing, you can target people from a specific region according to how you want to sell your product or spread your content. All the above increase returns for your site.

Build Email List for Your Website

There is a variety of methods you can use to get people to subscribe to your email list. Check some useful tips as following.

Quality Content

The first step in building an email list is to create useful and unique blog post for your site. Having quality content for your site is a better way of turning your visitors into subscribers. There are three main forms of content – blog posts, social media content and giveaways (eBooks).

The content should be easy to understand, interesting and well structured for your visitors to access it with ease. After building quality content, you can now proceed to other email list building methods.

Lightbox Popups

This is a high converting way of building your email list. It is a window that pops up whenever a visitor opens your site. Bloggers and small business owners who have used the lightbox popup have registered a 600% increase in subscribers.

The popup does not affect the visitors experience as it has the option of closing immediately if a visitor is not interested to join the email list. You can use OptionMonster plugin to create a less intrusive lightbox popup. This plugin tracks the user’s mouse movements and brings the popup just when they are about to leave the site.

Lightbox Popups

Slide-ups and Slide-ins

These are forms that slide from the bottom right corner of your screen when you open a site. The forms bear an email sign-up request. They get the attention of the readers unlike static bars on your site that are bound not to be noticed by the readers. You can create these forms using Qualaroo or Drip plugin among others.

After Post Forms and Generic Sidebars

This is perhaps the most common way through which people build their email lists. You may note that in many websites, there is an email subscription form in the site sidebar and after each post. The forms are built with the themes and thus people tend to use them without a low conversion rate.

Floating Footer Bar

Floating Footer BarThis is a simple bar that scrolls as the readers scroll on your website page. It has a call to action asking your visitors to subscribe to your email list. It maximizes the opt-in rates. The OptionMonster plugin that was used to create the lightbox popup can be used here to build a floating footer bar. The floating footer bar has less conversion as compared to the lightbox popup.

Use of Forms

Any WordPress form is a great platform to turn your visitors into subscribers. While creating a form, ensure that you add a checkbox that says “Yes, I want to receive email updates”. This is a very common way of growing the email list and can be witnessed in big brand sites. The forms including contact function enable you to interact with your visitors and encourage them to subscribe.

Recommended Email Marketing Services

There are great email marketing platforms that you can use on your site to convert visitors to subscribers and clients. Aweber, MailChimp, and iContact are some of the best email marketing services that you can have on your site. Simply compare the three platforms and any other based on their services and select the best.


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