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How to Easily Add Private Messaging System to Your WordPress Blog

How to Easily Add Private Messaging System to Your WordPress Blog

The existence of private messaging system simply adds a new dimension to your WordPress blog sites. With it, you are allowed to start the online communication in a more effective and secure manner than ever before. Nobody else knows what you have talked with your readers, giving both you and your loyal visitors a sense of privacy.

As for the adding of WordPress private messaging system, the best and easiest way is to use the user-friendly Front End PM. In the following, we’d like to tell how to use and configure this WordPress plugin to achieve your goal.

Create a WordPress Private Messaging System using Front End PM

To begin with, you need to achieve a successful installation and activation of this plugin. You can refer to this page to learn how to do this either manually or by using your backend admin.

Then, you can find a new tab in the left-hand column that is named as Front End PM. Simply click it and choose the Instruction button from the drop down.

Front End PM Instruction

Here, you have two options to set up a private messaging system. One is to use the available shortcode of [front-end-pm] into any of your webpage that you’d like to present the special system. Or, you can create a particular new page by entering the page title and slug from the below field.

Now, you already set up your messaging system and can get to it for previewing and working. However, for better functionality, you also need to do some configurations for this plugin. To do this, simply click the Settings button under the Front End PM tab.

As for the basic settings, you can decide the max number of messages kept in the whole box, the max number of messages showcased for each page, the max number of users for each page in the directory, and the max time delay between two message sending.

Also, if you want to block some users by using this system, you can put their usernames with the separation by a comma. As for the announcement email address, you can determine it on your own.

Front End PM Basic Settings

Besides these settings, you can also decide the capability levels that include read, write and edit. The first one means that any registered users can send or receive the private messages, while the latter two mean that only editors and writers are allowed to use the functions.

Now, you can back to the frond-end of your private messaging system. Then, you and any users can even make some configurations directly from here. For instance, you can determine whether allow people to send you some messages, whether be informed using emails when new messages are got, whether get emails when new announcements are available. To do this, you only need to click the Settings button from the front-end and click the target boxes.

Front End PM Front End Settings


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