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How to Add a Point System with myCRED to Gamify Your WordPress Site

How to Add a Point System with myCRED to Gamify Your WordPress Site

A WordPress points system is used to reward visitors who leave a comment, sign up a new account, share interesting news with others, or do something else on your website. That is a great method to arouse the enthusiasm of visitors. For that purpose, we make this guide to do so with myCRED plugin to gamify your site without a hitch.

myCRED is one of the best achievements & rewards plugins for WordPress and it has been trusted by thousands of users for its usability and flexibility. This plugin packs with customizable features that enable you to take full control of the points system with ease. You are able to add more complex functions to your points system by using a bunch of add-ons, like Email Notices, Badges, Coupons, etc.

Install & Activate myCRED Plugin on Your Site

Before everything, you are required to install and activate myCRED plugin via your WP admin > Plugins > Add New. That is released by Gabriel S Merovingi. And then, an item called myCRED Setup appears under Plugin, which directs you to the myCRED setup page.

Install myCRED Plugin

Go to Plugins > myCRED Setup and get started to have this plugin installed on your website. Click “Begin Setup” and complete the setup step by step.

myCRED Begin Set Up

The first step is where to determine the format for points, which is further divided into two options, namely, Format and Presentation. Here requires you to set the decimals for the point or just leave it zero for no decimals. Besides, you should set how points will be displayed on your website, in terms of a singular and plural form. It is optional for you to give the presentation a prefix and suffix. Since everything gets ready, go to the “Next” step.

myCRED Step One

The second step enables a list of settings for your points system security and utility. This is where to set the permissions for myCRED plugin settings. Leave the default capability in the Security mode unless you are using a custom user role. Set the maximum points layouts to limit the amount that a user can buy, spend or transfer in your store.

If you wish to prevent certain users from accessing to any features of myCRED plugin, check the two options to exclude users who are capable of editing settings and users points. That has been set in the Security mode. Perhaps, you can enter the user IDs in the “Exclude the following user IDs” field for the same purpose. The User Deletions is used to clean all log entries for deleted users. And then, go to the “Next” step.

myCRED Setup Step Two

The third step requires you to confirm all changes you have done before. Click “Install & Run” to complete myCRED plugin setup. Since a new item myCRED comes to your sidebar, you have successfully made this plugin into effect on your website.

Finish myCRED Setup

Set Up myCRED Hooks

A hook is an individual instance to be awarded ro deducted to users and that should be set via myCRED > Hooks. There is a list of events to award or deduct points from users, such as registrations, daily visits, viewing content, referrals, and so on. Each one further includes several options for event customization.

myCRED Hooks

Take the first even “Points for registrations” as an example. Click to open this event and check “Enable” option to make it available for your points system. Set how many points will be awarded to users who sign up an account on your site. The default points are 10 and that allows you to replace it to any other number as needed.

By default, the log template is %plural% for becoming a member and template tag %plural% returns the points in plural form. Perhaps, you can add some other tags to this field for different purposes and that can be found through the links to General and User Related.

Points for Registrations

Enable the left events and award points for active visitors who visit your website regularly, view posts, publish content, leave comments or do something else to interact with your website. Since you have all changes done, click “Update Changes” button. The icon of enabled events will be changed from red to green.

Make Use of myCRED Add-ons for More Possibilities

Go to myCRED > Add-ons and this is where to enable more advanced features for you WordPress points system. That allows you to activate or deactivate certain add-ons according to personal needs. Click the name of an add-on and expand the setting tab of this item. Read over the brief introduction of that add-on and “Activate” it if needed. Each function comes with an About page for more details.

Activate myCRED Add-ons

When activating an add-on, a new item directed to that feature appears under myCRED. For example, we have activated the Badges function just now and an item called Badges appears on the sidebar. Go to myCRED > Badges and you can check all badges with detailed information, inlcuding name, images, requirements and users as below.

Add-ons Badges

There are some tips you should keep in mind when planning to acquire more possibilities from myCRED plugin.

  • You are required to enable WP Cron on your website before activating the Banking add-on, because it has to schedule all banking services with WP Cron.
  • You are required to update myCRED to the latest version. Otherwise, it is hard to enable Coupons add-on on your site smoothly. This add-on is especially suitable for a coupon site.
  • You are required to re-save setting via myCRED > Settings when updating this plugin to 1.4 so as to ensure the normal use of the buyCRED add-on.
  • You are required to disable some popup blockers properly so as to show up notifications in the browser when using Notifications add-on.
  • You are required to remember that administrators and authors only have the right to view post content instead of purchasing it. That works if you are using the Sell Content add-on.

When it comes to myCRED > Settings, some new items appear on the myCRED Settings page if you have activated certain add-ons just now. Click to open an add-on and that enables a bunch of options for add-on customization.

Modify myCRED Settings If Needed

Go to myCRED > Settings and there are three setting sections available for you by default, including Core Settings, Management and Point Types. The Core Settings includes all settings you have set up when installing this plugin and that allows you to make some changes anytime. The Management is where to modify the log, points and remote access while the Point Types requires you to make a decision between a default point type and a new one. Click “Update Settings” to confirm all settings.

By the way, you can check all log entries via myCRED > Log and filter logs according to generated date. That helps you get to know your visitors closely and have an eye on all actions happening on the website. If you are looking for more plugins for the same purpose, we would like to recommend more options for your references, such as CubePoints, Captain Up and WordPoints.


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