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How to Add Subtitles in WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types

How to Add Subtitles in WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types

Subtitle, also called subheading, is regarded as an alternative title in a post, page or even widget. That is placed under the title. In most cases, a subtitle plays a necessary role in revealing the main idea. We are going to show you how to add such great feature to your WordPress website. Two approaches are introduced in the following. One is WP Subtitle and another is Secondary Title. Both are popular WordPress subtitle plugins.

Method 1: Add Subtitle in WordPress Using WP Subtitle Plugin

WP Subtitle plugin is selected here to help you add subheadings to pages, posts and custom post types with ease. Once enabling this plugin on website, each post/page editor is featuring a field for inserting subtitle. Note that, this method is great for users who have intimate knowledge of template tags. Let’s get started to install and activate this plugin via WP admin.

Install WP Subtitle Plugin

Open any post or page via website backend and check if there is an “Enter subtitle here” field under post/page title. If so, you have successfully installed this plugin on your website. Enter a subtitle as required and then confirm all changes.

Add Subtitle

In the Posts/Pages list, all subtitles are shown in the Subtitle column. That helps you check any subtitle at a glance. You can modify the subtitles in anytime if needed.

Subtitle Column

To display the subtitle on website front-end, you are required to add the following template tag to the post template or page template. Besides that, WP Subtitle plugin enables full flexibility for users to customize the template. Check the documentation to get more template tags and arguments.

<?php the_subtitle(); ?>

Method 2: Add Subtitle in WordPress Using Secondary Title Plugin

The second method is Secondary Title plugin, which is functional and light-weight. That makes it easy to add subtitles in any post types as you want. Also, this plugin is a solid option for users who are unfamiliar with template tags. Install this Plugin on your website.

Install Secondary Subtitle Plugin

Having this plugin activated, there is an option “Secondary Title” shown under Settings. Go to Settings > Secondary Title and here comes a list of settings for WordPress subtitle customization. Before everything, make a decision on where to display the subtitles. That can be specific post types, categories and posts. Perhaps, you can select all post types and categories if needed.

Where to Display Subtitle

Check “Yes” for the option “Insert automatically”. In this way, the subtitle will be shown under title automatically. When selecting “No”, you are required to insert given template tags to theme files.

Insert Subtitle Automatically

Customize the title format. The “Title format” option allows you to determine where to display the subtitle. The default setting %secondary_title%: %title% is meant to place subtitle before the title. That should be like Subtitle: Title. You can feel free to switch the order. Besides that, some HTML attributes make it possible to style the subtitle and title.

Subtitle Format

The “Input field position” is used to decide whether to display subtitle field above or below the title. Set the subtitle position column on all post types. And then, decide whether to only show subtitles in main posts, menu items, sidebars, and so on. The last option “Secondary title in permalinks” is used to set a custom permalink structure for subtitles. Finally, click “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.

Secondary Title Settings

Having all settings done, it’s time to insert a subtitle to a page/post. Here, we would like to add a subtitle to a post. Click Posts and open an existing post or add a new post. Enter the subtitle as required and confirm settings.

Add Subtitle in Post

The post title and subtitle would be shown as below. If the subtitle format is not satisfactory, you can go back to WP admin > Settings > Secondary Title to modify the settings in anytime.

Subtitles Example


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