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How to Add YouTube Video Channel Subscribe Button to WordPress Website

How to Add YouTube Video Channel Subscribe Button to WordPress Website

One same goal of YouTube channel owners is getting more subscribers so as to share something interesting or useful with more users. If you are one of them and wish to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel, follow this guide and get an answer. That mentions the way on how to add subscribe button to YouTube video channel in WordPress effecively. Two methods are available for you.

Method 1: Make Use of YouTube Subscribe Button Plugin

YouTube Subscribe Button plugin is selected as the first method to simplify matters. This plugin adds a YouTube subscribe button to WordPress website and enables an easy manner for visitors to subscribe your YouTube channel within the site. Some advanced features are accessible to you once installing this plugin on your site. Install and activate this plugin via WP admin.

YouTube Subscribe Button Plugin

Step 1: Upon activation, a new widget called “YouTube Subscribe Button” appears on the Available Widgets list. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag & drop this widget to your sidebar. Place it in anywhere as needed.

Widget YouTube Subscribe

Step 2: Find out your YouTube ID via the “Click here” link. Your YouTube account information would be shown as below, which includes YouTube user ID and YouTube channel ID. Copy YouTube channel ID and go back to the widget setting page.

YouTube Channel ID

Step 3: Set up YouTube Subscribe Button widget. Give this widget a proper name and then paste your YouTube channel ID in the specific field. Perhaps, you can type the name of your YouTube channel in the field. That depends. And then, make a decision on the layout and theme for this YouTube subscribe button. Click “Save” to confirm all settings.

Sey Up YouTube Subscribe Button

Step 4: Check this newly created button on website front-end. By following this step-by-step, the button should be like the example as below. That allows visitors to subscribe your YouTube channel with one-click and shows the number of subscribers clearly.

YouTube Subscribe Button

Method 2: Add YouTube Subscribe Button Manually

Here comes another way to achieve the same goal. That works for users who prefer to solve a problem manually instead of using WordPress plugin and have some understanding of coding stuff. Since Google Developers has launched an array of products for YouTube, go and target the one designed for YouTube subscribe button.

Step 1: Access to https://developers.google.com/products/#t and click the option “YouTube Subscribe Button”.

Google Developers YouTube Subscribe Button

Step 2: Choose “Configure a Button” on the left sidebar. A list of options is available for button configuration, including channel name/ID, layout, theme, subscriber count, etc. Type your YouTube channel name or ID in the field and then customize its appearance as needed.

We suggest you to enable the option “Subscriber count” to show the number of subscribers clearly. The preview of this button is shown under the Options tab. The Code mode is where to check the code of your YouTube channel subscribe button. Copy all HTML code included in this area.

Configure a Button

Step 3: Go to WP admin > Appearance > Widgets and drag & drop Text widget to the sidebar. That is used to create a widget with arbitrary text or HTML. And then, expand the setting section of this widget and paste the HTML code on it. Give this widget a proper title and save all settings.

Add Text Widget

Finally, check if everything goes well from website front-end. That’s it!

A Final Tip

If there is a need to convert more visitors to your subscribers, you’d better display a gallery of video thumbnails from your YouTube channel. That gives users an easy access to the latest videos from the YouTube channel so as to arouse their interests effectively. It is more likely to increase the popularity of the YouTube channel and boost website traffic as well.


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