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How to Add a Responsive Support Ticket System in WordPress Website

How to Add a Responsive Support Ticket System in WordPress Website

Technical support is necessary to all business websites, and that is a great platform for communication between you and your clients. In most cases, there are three channels accessible to the support staffs, including phone, live chat and ticket system. This guide introduces the way to add a responsive ticket system in WordPress.

How Does an Online Support Ticket System Work?

How Support Ticket System WorksThe support ticket system is a dynamic communication method used to collect requests and then send back valid answers to users. You can gather history support articles together. The related ones would be offered to users for reference. Take the BlueHost ticket system as an example. When submitting a support ticket on BlueHost, follow the steps shown as below.

  1. Enter an email address and that is used to receive a reply from the support team.
  2. Select a proper category of the request and insert an attachment if needed.
  3. Type any request as needed in the Message box. And then, a list of related posts is shown automatically.
  4. Check if there is any solution included in the list. If not, continue to click “submit ticket” button to send the request.
  5. After a while, the reply will be sent back to the given email address.

That’s the common support ticket system. Once adding such a great system in website, you can receive all requests from clients and help them solve problems in time. That makes big difference on the improvement of reputation.

Add a Responsive Support Ticket System in WordPress

Having had a rough idea about what a support ticket system is, you can set about creating one in your WordPress website. Comply with the following step-by-step guide to make a hit. The selected method in this guide is WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket Support plugin.

Step 1: Install WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket Support Plugin

This plugin allows users to create a 100% responsive support ticket system in WordPress website. You can collect all tickets and classify those into different categories. Also, here comes an easy way to set the priority and status of each ticket. Besides that, the ticket submission can be completed via both frontend and backend.

Log into WP admin and install this plugin. Upon activation, the option “Support Plus” appears on the sidebar.

Install WP Support Plus Plugin

Step 2: Create a New Page/Post for the Support Ticket System

Create a new page or post via Pages/Posts > Add new and give it a name properly. Here, we create a page named as Support Ticket. Publish it once having all settings done.

Add Support Ticket Page

Step 3: Set Up Your Support Ticket System

Go to Support Plus > Settings. There are three tabs available for your support ticket system setup, including General, Categories and Email Notification. Each tab includes a list of options.


This tab includes an array of general settings for support ticket system customization. Before everything, you are required to decide which page or post should be used to display the support ticket system. Make a decision from the drop-down list. Here, we select the page “Support Ticket” we’ve created just now.

The shortcode [wp_support_plus] will be included in the selected page/post. Perhaps, you can insert this shortcode to any other pages or posts to display the support ticket.

WP Support Plus Settings General

If there is a need to show the support button on all pages, check the option “Enable Support Button”. That helps visitors target the support ticket page quickly. Check the option “Enable Guest Ticket” to allow the non logged-in users to submit a ticket.


To help clients search for an answer effectively, it is necessary to create some categories to classify all history tickets. Go to Categories tab and type the category name as required. Click “Create New Category” to have this new category created. Create as many categories as planned. You are allowed to edit or delete any existing category if needed.

Create new Category

Email Notification

This tab is where to determine whether to send email to administrator/agent when a new ticket is created or updated. Check the options according to personal needs. Click “Save Settings” button to confirm all changes.

Email Notification Settings

Step 4: Create New Tickets

Create as many new tickets as possible via Support Plus > Create New Tickets, which can be the collected tickets from clients or something you want to publish on the website. Enter the subject and description for this new ticket. And then, include it in a suitable category. Set the priority of this ticket and add an attachment to explain it in details.

Click “Submit Ticket” to make it public. All tickets can be viewed via Support Plus > Tickets.

Create New Ticket

What the Support Ticket System Should Be on the Frontend?

View the support ticket system on the website frontend. That should be like the following example. There is a “Support” button shown on every page of your site, which directs visitors to the Support Ticket page. Visitors can search for a solution from the Tickets list or submit a new ticket to get a new answer.

Support Ticket System Sample


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