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How to Add a Print Button to WordPress Site and Make It Print-Ready

How to Add a Print Button to WordPress Site and Make It Print-Ready

This detailed guide is about the way to add a print button to your WordPress website so as to make the posts and pages print-ready. Since the use of coding stuff is bothersome, the solution adopted here is PDF & Print by BestWebSoft, which simplify matters furthest. This plugin plays an important role in taking a good browsing experience to visitors. It is available for any kinds of sites as you want.

Take the cooking site as an example. It is necessary to allow every fan of cooking to print the favored receipt for the ease of reference. Perhaps, that is also great for some business websites with a need to print receipt and invoice for customers. For some wiki pages or learning sites, a print button helps visitors to print the resources in demand with one click. Check more possibilities involved in the following guide.

Add a Print Button to Website Pages and Posts

Step 1: The first step is to search and install the PDF & Print by BestWebSoft plugin via WordPress dashboard. After activating this plugin, an option “BWS Plugins” is shown on the sidebar, which includes an array of recommended plugins and themes to be installed. Leave it and go to
BWS Plugins > PDF & Print.

BWS Plugins PDF Print

Step 2: A list of PDF & Print settings is used to customize the PDF and Print button. Note that, if there is a need to load additional fonts for your button, you should install Class ZipArchive on the server before everything. If not, leave the default setting and move to the selection of stylesheet.

Two options are available here, including Default stylesheet and Current theme stylesheet. The previous one enables you to use the default style of this plugin while the other one reserves the stylesheet of the active theme. Make a decision as you want.

Select Stylesheet

Step 3: Determine which post types should be added with a print button. Press on “Ctrl” and click posts & pages in the box. In this way, all posts and pages would be print-friendly. Since most webmasters have created some custom post types on the website, those existing custom post types are shown in the box as well. Select all post types according to personal needs and display the PDF & Button on the selected custom post types.

Post Types Used in Plugin

Step 4: Add a print button to the web page and display it in anywhere as needed. The PDF & Print button can be shown on the posts, pages, search & archive pages and function call. Uncheck some options if there is a need to hide the button from certain we pages. And then, decide where to place the button on a web page. That can be top left, top right, bottom right and bottom left. That depends.

Show PDF & Print Button

Step 5: If you have shortcode on a print-ready page and want to prevent it from being printed, you should uncheck the option “Settings for shotcodes”. Conversely, leave the default setting. To display a print window when visitors are about to print a page, enable the option “Show the print windows” and then save all changes.

Shortcode & Print Window Settings

Step 6: To check if there is something wrong with the PDF & Print settings, you should view a post from the website front-end. By following this step-by-step guide, we have successfully added the PDF button and print button on each page and post as the following screenshot. That allows visitors to view the current post in PDF format and restore it on the computer. The print button enables an easy way to print all content in this post.

PDF & Print Button Sample

Alternatives for PDF & Print by BestWebSoft Plugin

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add a PDF & Print button on your website with ease. To satisfy the needs of more users, we would like to recommend some other plugins as below.

Print-O-Matic – This plugin allows users to add a print button to any page or post by using a simple shortcode. That enables more flexibility for users.

Print Friendly and PDF Button – It is the most popular print button plugin with full customization. Various styles of the print button are available for users. Before print a page or post, visitors are able to edit the content if needed.

Universal Post Manager – This plugin adds an array of print buttons on a page/post, which allows visitors to print the page/post content easily and save it as HTML, PDF, Text or XML format.


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