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How to Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags in WordPress

How to Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags in WordPress

Usually, when sharing a post or page in the news feed of your Facebook page, you will be displayed with post’s title, URL, publisher site and author information as well. In the meantime, you will catch post description and a custom thumbnail when browsing this share.

To be frank, all those mentioned SEO-friendly attachments come into being only with the help of open graph meta tags. As you might expect, those open graph protocols refer to a set of meta tags that are applied into a webpage so as to enrich sharing results effectively and efficiently. More importantly, to add a Facebook open graph meta tag is so simple that anyone can achieve it by referring to the following steps.

Create Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags Through Facebook Plugin

Perhaps the quickest way to create Facebook open graph meta tags on a WordPress site is to use the official Facebook plugin. To do so, you should log into the dashboard of WordPress so as to “Install” and “Activate” this user-friendly “Facebook” plugin. Once activated, you have already enabled open graph meta graph on your theme’s header, which is totally hassle-free and intelligible. By the way, there is a detailed installation tutorial for your reference.

Plugin Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook/

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

Note: In the meantime, this Facebook plugin has a series of incomparable features in store for you to choose from. To name a few, it empowers you to add follow buttons, share new posts/pages automatically and embed Facebook posts with a simple URL.

Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags by WordPress Plugin

If you don’t want to install the mentioned Facebook plugin, and instead plan to take advantage of some other comprehensive WordPress plugins, here is a highly-recommendable option – WordPress SEO by Yoast. By using this robust plugin, you can not only generate open graph meta data, but also can write SEO-friendly content. In the further, this WordPress plugin has a rich set of SEO solutions, such as RSS optimization, XML sitemaps, meta elements and News SEO, etc.

Plugin Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

Back to our point, we will showcase how it is easy to add Facebook open graph data to a WordPress site by using this WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. Undoubtedly, you shall firstly “Install” and “Activate” this plugin so as to start with your configurations.

If done, you should go to “SEO” > “Social” to make settings based on personal needs. As is showed in the following screenshot, you will need to check the box of “Add Open Graph meta data” in the “Facebook” bar. Scroll down and you will notice that you are able to integrate Facebook with WordPress sites by using the “Facebook Insights” admin option. To do so, you will need to fill in your Facebook page URL and other related information in the blank boxes.

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

Note: As you may notice, there are other metadata for both Twitter and Google+. To add those metadata, you only need to check in the correspondent checkboxes. Most important of all, do not forget to “Save Changes” at last.

Top WordPress Plugins for Adding Facebook Open Graph Data

Apart from those mentioned WordPress plugins above, there is a wide range of options available for you to add Facebook open graph data. As you can see, we have selected and made a list of those highly-ranked ones in below.

  • WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol – It enables you to put proper Facebook open graph meta values and tags onto your webpage. More importantly, this plugin can also apply to other social media platforms like Google+ with the introduced meta description from any SEO theme or plugin.
  • WP Open Graph – It empowers you to add and edit your Facebook metadata on any post/page. In the further, this plugin takes advantage of featured image or the default image, which makes you fully enjoy your own sharing.
  • WP Facebook Like Send & Open Graph Meta – It allows you to create “Like” and “Send” buttons on each post/page. In addition to that, this plugin displays your profile photo and automatically generates open graph data.
  • Open Graph Meta – It permits you to enrich any web page in a social graph. Besides, this simple plugin coverts your posts/pages into rich objects by adding various metadata.

Highly-Recommended WordPress Hosting Solutions

Whichever plugin you decide to choose, you are supposed to integrate your WordPress site with Facebook properly. Over the Internet, there are many WordPress hosting companies provide a bunch of search marketing solutions to succeed online, such as free Facebook ads credits and Google AdWords. Here, we have the following highly-recommendable hosting providers for you.


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