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How to Add CAPTCHA to a WordPress Form Using Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin

How to Add CAPTCHA to a WordPress Form Using Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin

A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test used to test whether the visitor is the human being rather than a computer that tries to break user’s password. It has been regarded as a great security measure to protect logged-in users’ information from leaking. Besides, it also always appears when people plan to sign up a new account on your website, sign in with an existing account or change account password. In most cases, it is also included in a contact form.

Since most webmasters tend to enable this function on the website, are you going to add CAPTCHA to various forms on your site? If so, the following guide can make a big difference for you, which includes an effective way to achieve the goal by using Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin.

About Really Simple CAPTCHA

about really simple captchaAs its name suggests, this is a really simple plugin used to embed CAPTCHA in the contact form and also plays an important role in website security enhancement, which is created for Contact Form 7. However, Really Simple CAPTCHA is also suitable for other form plugins, such as Breezing Forms, Embed form, Formidabe, and so on so forth.

To make this plugin work properly, you are required to install a form plugin at first. Note that, we have installed Contact Form 7 plugin before making this guide. And now, let’s get started to install and set up this powerful plugin.

Install Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin

We are going to do this via WordPress dashboard. Firstly, log into your website backend and then go to Plugins > Add New. Search for Really Simple CAPTCHA and then click Install Now. Here will pop up a new page that asks you to activate the newly installed plugin. Click Activate Plugin and then go back to the Installed Plugins page to check if the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin is ongoing.

install really simple captcha plugin

Add CAPTCHA to Forms

Thanks to the use of Contact Forum 7, we just need to finish the left steps with this powerful form plugin. Navigate to Dashboard > Contact and target the default contact form called Contact Form 1. Move your mouse onto this existing forum and click “Edit” as what we have done in the following screenshot.

edit contact form

The given shortcode is available for a contact form without a CAPTCHA and you are allowed to make some change on it as you want. Click “Generate Tag” drop-down list and pitch on the “CAPTCHA” option.

generate tag captcha

And now, a list of options comes out. Focus on the “Copy this code and paste it into the form left” in the bottom of this section and then comply with what we have done in the following screenshot. Finally, click the Save button.

captcha settings

Copy and paste the generated code into any post, page or other web content on your website.

copy paste generated code

In addtion, the various optional settings are available for you to customize the CAPTCHA id, size, class, foreground color and background color as well as customize the settings for input field. If you maintain the default settings, then the contact form with a CAPTCHA should be like that.

contact form captcha sample

In fact, it is easy to add a CAPTCHA to form by using the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin. Maybe now, you have gotten this method and wish to have a try. Make sure that you have enabled a form on your website, or you cannot utilize this plugin properly.


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