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HostRocket Review – Shared Web Hosting Review and Ratings
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HostRocket Review – Shared Web Hosting Review and Ratings

HostRocket guarantees reliable hosting services and world-class technical support to every customer. Many webmasters who lack understanding of this company are wondering if it is worth going. We make this HostRocket review to reveal all secrets of HostRocket shared web hosting thereby finding out whether this web host is a great option for hosting website.

What Customers Say About HostRocket

Since 1999, HostRocket gets started to release the first hosting product and attaches great importance to good customer experience. All members of this company take pride in their world-class hosting solutions and thoughtful support. Having collected over 100 real customers from various review sites, we find that many customers think highly of HostRocket in terms of the following aspects.

  • High level of reliability
  • Affordable price
  • Professional and friendly support staff
  • Responsive technical support

To verify whether HostRocket shared web hosting is quality enough, readers should continue with the following in-depth review on each hosting plan, support service and hosting performance.

Overview of HostRocket Shared Web Hosting Plan

HostRocket Plans OverviewHostRocket develops one shared web hosting solution for both individual and business websites. That is available for the monthly, semi-annually, annually and biannually billing cycles. Also, the longer subscription enables more benefits for customers. In the following, we would like to make an in-depth analysis of each billing cycle.

# Plans and Price

Monthly Plan

That is great for webmasters who need to make a trial of the service, however, which is more comprehensive than any other plans. The monthly plan is starting at $11.98/mo that is much higher than many competitors. Besides that, customers are required to pay $20/year and $29.99 for domain registration and account setup.

Semi-Annual Plan

Customers who purchase the service for 6 months can enjoy 25% discount and pay $8.99/mo for this plan. However, the domain registration and account setup are not free of charge, which are pricing at $20/year and $29.99 respectively.

Annual Plan

As for the annually billing cycle, the plan is pricing at $7.99/mo while the domain registration is pricing at $20/year. Customers can enjoy free account setup.

Biannual Plan

This plan is perfect for webmasters who take long views, which is pricing at $5.99/mo. It is the most cost-effective plan with free account setup. If there is a need to register a new domain on HostRocket, customers need to pay extra $20/year.

# Resources Allocation

HostRocket shared web hosting includes unlimited resources, in terms of disk space, bandwidth, hosted websites and email accounts. That leaves sufficient space for website development.

HostRocket Shared Web Hosting

To enable high usability, HostRocket provides each customer with unlimited possibilities.

  • cPanel– The most popular control panel that enables an easy way for website building and scripts installation. The free site backup service is also included in this control panel.
  • phpMyAdmin – Allows an intuitive interface for database management.
  • Unlimited Features – FTP accounts, databases, sub-domains, etc.
  • Advanced Email Features – Unlimited POP3 email accounts & IMAP email accounts.
  • Software Support – PHP5, MySQL5, Perl5, SSH access, cron abilities, etc.

Besides the above features, HostRocket integrates the hosting package with RVSiteBuilder that is an online tool for site building. It is only valid for shared web hosting accounts. As for beginners, this site builder is easy to handle without the need of any professional skills. It is also a great tool for experienced webmasters who wish to create a website in an easy manner.

HostRocket allows easy installs for multiple applications. In this way, customers can create their sites for different purposes, like blogs, gaming, wikis, video, ecommerce, etc.

HostRocket Easy Installs

# Add-On Services

HostRocket has released some add-on services for customers who have the higher demand on hosting resources. The price information for each add-on service is listed as below.

  • Remote Backup – $5/backup
  • Domain Transfer – $20
  • 256bit SSL Certificates – $99/year
  • Dedicated IP Addresses – $2/mo

Review on Technical Support

HostRocket enables different communication options for shared & reseller hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller cloud hosting. For customers who purchasing shared web hosting services, they can ask for help by phoning the support staff or submitting a ticket. Perhaps, they can search for an answer via the FAQ system.

In addition, an online chart button is shown on the bottom right of the page, which enables a convenient way for communicating with the support team. Note that, the support is available 24 hours day, no matter for weekdays or weekends.

HostRocket Techncial Support

The knowledgebase includes categories of beginner’s guides and advanced tutorials. That covers domain registration & DNS, sales & billing, website development, email services, and so on. The experts keep publishing help articles to deliver useful skills to webmasters.

Review on Uptime and Speed

HostRocket invests a huge amount of money into its own data center thereby delivering unrivalled uptime and speed. The data center is located in New York, covering 10,000 square feet. The data center is comprised of multiple robust web servers and cutting-edge facilities.

  • UPS & Generator – The use of full UPS battery backup guarantees continuous power to all infrastructures. Once suffering a power outage, the backup power comes in handy. Also, each facility is supported by a Kohler diesel power generator in case of a power failure.
  • Security System – This company equips the data center with DOS and DDOS attack prevention. That makes a big difference on network security improvement.
  • Connection & Networking – Use high-end gigabit Ethernet infrastructure, Cisco Routers and Switches to ensure fast connection and networking.
  • Cooling System – The server room is equipped with Redundant Rooftop 65 Ton AC Units, making sure that each server is placed in the room at cool 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Technicians – HostRocket has a group of technicians responsible for monitoring the whole data center around-the-clock. Once detecting any issue, technicians would take measures to solve it immediately.

HostRocket promises to deliver at least 99.9% uptime. To check whether this company makes good on that promise, we have tested its server uptime for 30 days. The recorded statistics are shown as below. It follows that the promise stops short of becoming the reality.

HostRocket Uptime and Speed

Summary – Is HostRocket a Great Web Host for Your Website?

Advantages of HostRocket Shared Web Hosting – HostRocket allocates unlimited resources to each website. That is sufficient for both small websites and enterprise-level websites. In addition, the technical support is available around-the-clock and helps customers solve problems in time.

Disadvantages of HostRocket Shared Web Hosting – The price of HostRocket is starting at $5.99/mo, which is much higher than other well-known hosting providers listed as below. As for uptime and speed, HostRocket has not done a better job than many competitors, like BlueHost Hosting.


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