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HostPapa VS BlueHost - Detailed Shared WordPress Hosting Comparison

HostPapa VS BlueHost – Detailed Shared WordPress Hosting Comparison

As the leading web hosting companies in this industry with great popularity, HostPapa and BlueHost are selected in this comparison to be competed with each other. From the HostPapa vs BlueHost, readers can get detailed analysis of two companies’ shared web hosting, in terms of the common points and differences.

In this in-depth HostPapa vs BlueHost comparison, we will focus on multiple aspects of the two companies’ hosting shared WordPress hosting services, including the price, refund policy, server resource, control panel, uptime, speed, and technical support. Before everything, let’s have a quick view of the hosting plans and price of the selected web hosts.

Brief Introduction on Shared Web Hosting Packages and Price

HostPapa and BlueHost provide webmasters with generous discounts thereby making all solutions as affordable as possible. Also, both companies release various hosting options other than developing a single plan. That enables more choices for webmasters.

* HostPapa Shared Hosting Plans, Discounts and Prices

HostPapa has three shared web hosting solutions, namely, Basic, Business and Business Pro. Since an up to 70% is now available for those three packages, naturally, all of which are on sale now. Customers are able to try out by only $1.95/mo.

Price Basic Business Business Pro
Regular $5.99/mo $9.99/mo $18.99/mo
Discount 67% 70% 31%
Now! $1.95/mo $2.95/mo $12.95/mo

However, such affordable price is just valid for 36-month billing term. For the shorter subscription, customers should pay much higher price than what have been mentioned above.

* BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans, Discounts and Prices

BlueHost develops three shared hosting plans as shown in the following table. An over 60% discount is now available for customers who purchase a package via the promotional link. That makes the price down to $2.95/mo.

Price Basic Plus Prime
Regular $7.99/mo $9.99/mo $14.99/mo
Discount 63% 64% 54%
Now! $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $6.95/mo
BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

HostPapa VS BlueHost – What’s in Common?

There is a lot in common between HostPapa and BlueHost, like shared resources allocation, various freebies, excellent support, etc. Get more details in the following.

Sufficient Shared Hosting Resources Allocation

HostPapa and BlueHost know very well that sufficient resources allocation can help clients create their sites with no worries. As thus, both companies guarantee to leave enough room for each hosted website. The following table displays the main features of HostPapa Starter plan and BlueHost Basic plan.

Feature HostPapa BlueHost
Plans in Comparison Starter Basic
Websites Hosted 2 1
Disk Space 100GB 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 5
Sub Domains 25 25
MySQL Databases Yes Yes

A List of Freebies

To save customers more budgets, HostPapa and BlueHost include a list of freebies in each plan. Those are shown in the following list.

  • One free domain name
  • $50 to $225 marketing offers
  • Free website transfer
  • Free website builder
  • Free account setup

cPanel with 1-Click Installer

Both companies utilize user-friendly cPanel control panel so as to make everything easier, such as the management of domains, databases, emails, and much more. Also, webmasters can install multiple applications within a few clicks by using the 1-click installer. Note that, BlueHost includes exclusive SimpleScripts 1-click script installer in the cPanel.

CloudFlare Ready

Each shared hosting solution of HostPapa and BlueHost is CloudFlare ready. By featuring this popular CDN service, here comes a significant improvement for page loading speed. Besides, CloudFlare can also protect each website from being hacked.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To guarantee each customer a good hosting experience, the two companies offer 30-day full refund policy. That leaves 30 days for customers who wish to have a shot at the web hosting service. Besides, BlueHost also issues refunds for users’ remained services in a pro-rated manner, which helps relieve the risks and worries that users may face after their purchases.

Great Technical Support

A group of support staffs stays online around-the-clock to answer all requests in time. Several communication channels are available for webmasters to ask for help, including live chat, phone and email. The Knowledge Base includes a large number of beginner’s guides and advanced tutorials for reference.

In this case, whenever users have encountered some unexpected problems, they can choose to ask for the help of professional experts via multiple support channels or find out self-help solutions by themselves by referring to these well-formed “how-to” articles.

HostPapa VS BlueHost – What’s the Difference?

Excellent uptime and fast speed are regarded as the essential elements of a quality hosting plan. Those are of great concern. Before making this comparison, we have had a rough idea about the data centers and networks of two companies.

To make it clear on which company achieves higher performance, we also test the uptime and server response time of HostPapa and BlueHost. Accordingly, there is a big difference between the two companies. To be more specific, BlueHost, frequently horned as one of the best WordPress hosting providers by our site and other authoritative hosting review communities, has outperformed its rival a lot in both hosting reliability and loading speed.

Data Centers and Networks

HostPapa uses US-based data centers with high level of security systems. That guarantees to host all websites in a reliable and secure hosting environment. This company has all facilities supported by electricity power. Also, HostPapa takes use of climate & temperature control, fire-suppression systems and redundant power generation in case of an outage.

Despite the fact that the company’s hosting infrastructures are fairly robust, its performance in hosting reliability is not as satisfying as expected. As the following chart displays, in the thirty days, HostPapa has only maintained an average of 99.87% uptime record, which is far from competitive in the whole WordPress hosting field.

BlueHost is well known for the perfect uptime. The real test for BlueHost uptime as below provides it to readers. This company utilizes world-class data center with the support of UPS power backup and 24×7 network monitoring. Multiple advanced servers are placed in the data center and each comes with advanced technologies.

Here comes the uptime report of BlueHost. As you can see, the company has guaranteed its users with a 100% uptime in the last month. To be frank, there are few web hosts can be mentioned in the same breath with BlueHost from this point of view. This extraordinary uptime record attests to its high-quality hosting services.

Speed Test

Also, we have conducted a test to the companies’ server response time to see which offers a faster hosting environment. Shown as below, BlueHost only takes an average of 320ms for answering to server requests, 20% faster than the industry-standard 400ms and 62% faster than HostPapa 519ms. Again, BlueHost has proven what a real leading WordPress hosting company should be in regard to loading speed.

Verdict: Which Company Should You Go?

Based on this comprehensive HostPapa vs BlueHost comparison, it is apparent that BlueHost is a better choice than its opponent. It is true that both companies offer cost-effective shared web hosting services along with sufficient server sources, easy-to-use control panel, and responsive technical support. However, BlueHost has absolute advantages over HostPapa regarding server uptime and hosting speed.

In consequence, we recommend you sign up BlueHost if you take your website seriously. With the help of the most reputable hosting company, it is by no means difficult to create a perfect online business and go all the way to success.


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