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HostMonster VS InMotion Hosting – WordPress Hosting Comparison

HostMonster VS InMotion Hosting – WordPress Hosting Comparison

As two leading web hosting brands in the US, HostMonster and InMotion have been offering reliable and affordable hosting solutions for years. According to our reviews, the two web hosts share a lot of similarities in pricing and features, but they are still very different in some aspects including the refund guarantee.

Since we have seen many WordPress users hanging back from the choice, now we make this HostMonster VS InMotion comparison based on in-depth reviews, hoping to help them make a decision that is beneficial to them.

Before reading the detailed comparisons, please take a look at the ratings below.

Rating HostMonster InMotion Hosting
Pricing rating 4.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Feature rating 4 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Speed rating 4.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Uptime rating 4.5 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support rating 4.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
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Which Offers Cheaper WordPress Hosting Plans

Generally speaking, InMotion WordPress hosting plans are a little bit cheaper than those offered by HostMonster, but both web hosts are affordable choices offering favorable discounts now.

Plans & regular prices – Tie

HostMonster provides 3 WordPress hosting plans called Basic, Plus and Pro. The regular prices, which are also the renewal rates, start from $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $23.99/mo respectively. The company supports 1/2/3-year billing cycles, and the cost increases as the term shortens.

InMotion also offers 3 plans which are named Launch, Power and Pro. The prices of them start at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $15.99/mo. The available billing cycles for Launch and Power are 1/2/3 years, and those for Pro are 1/6/12 months. Free setup is included.

Discounts – Tie

Both of HostMonster and InMotion provide large discounts for first-time customers.

For HostMonster plans, the discounts are up to 51%, 46% and 42% which reduce the costs to $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $13.95/mo. A total of $300 marketing offers and a domain name are available for free. Note that these discounts can only be claimed through the promotional link below.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

InMotion is now offering a 50% discount for Launch and Power, and a 25% discount for the advanced Pro plan. After applying these discounts, you can get Launch at a low price of $3.49/mo, Power at $4.49/mo and Pro at $11.99/mo. Each plan includes a free domain and $250 advertising credits for Bing, Yahoo! and Google AdWords.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Refund guarantee – InMotion is better

A favorable refund guarantee helps you stay away from any scam. And regarding this aspect, the two web hosts are doing well as HostMonster promises 30-day full refund and anytime pro-rated refund, and InMotion guarantees 90-day full refund. With such guarantees, your satisfaction is ensured, and you will not suffer a huge loss for prepayments.

Which Offers Better Features

The web hosting plans offered by both HostMonster and InMotion are 100% WordPress compatible, and come with many features that will be needed by WordPress users.

WordPress compatibility – Tie

WordPress is recommended to run in a hosting environment with Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL. Fortunately, the two companies have met the requirements completely by providing PHP 5.4+, MySQL 5.5+ and Apache 2.2+ to each user.

Besides, as they are enhancing their hardware and upgrading the software continuously, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility with the future releases of WordPress, either.

WordPress install, update & management – Tie

HostMonster and InMotion offer the following features to ease the life of WordPress beginners.

  • A 1-click installer which supports the 1-click installation and update of WordPress. No manual works are needed.
  • cPanel control panel which is the first choice for both Linux beginners and experienced webmasters. The graphic interface provides you with a straightforward and easy way to manage domains, files, emails, databases, software, script installs, etc.

In terms of WordPress install, InMotion offers another option besides the Softaculous installer: auto-installation. Once you select WordPress to be installed during the checkout, the management team will take care of the installation for you so you can get a site up in seconds.

WordPress Auto-Install

Other crucial web hosting features – InMotion wins

When taking the important factors like the number of hosted domains and disk storage into consideration, we found that InMotion plans are more cost-effective than HostMonster plans. For instance, Launch allows two domains on one account while Basic supports one. For more details, you can read the following feature comparison between the two plans.

Feature HostMonster InMotion Hosting
Plan Basic Launch
Hosted Website(s) 1 2
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-Domains 25 25
Parked Domains 5 6
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Cron Jobs yes yes
SSH yes yes
Free Backups yes yes
WP-CLI no yes
Python, Perl & Ruby yes yes
Regular Price $7.99/mo $6.99/mo
Discount 51% 50%
Discounted Price $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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How About the WordPress Hosting Performance?

Due to the utilization of robust facilities and network infrastructures, both of HostMonster and InMotion can deliver great uptime and fast speed which are needed for the success of any WordPress site. However, the latter wins a little in the speed.

Data center & network infrastructure

HostMonster doesn’t say how many data centers they are using, but it is for sure that each of their data centers features multiple backup power sources and high-performance custom-built servers with dual quad processors. Besides, this web host has ample network capacities and 24×7 network monitoring. These factors have contributed much to the reliability and speed.

InMotion has built two data centers by themselves which are strategically located on the different coasts of the US for the maximum performance. The company uses servers from Dell only, and purchases network gear from reliable suppliers like Brocade and Cisco. Other highlights include the 20 Gigabits of network connectivity, redundant networks available via BGP, and dedicated network management.

Uptime – Tie

99.9% uptime is guaranteed by HostMonster and InMotion for all users including those on the crowded shared servers. This promise is commonly seen, but what has surprised us is that they respected their own words and achieved more than 99.9% uptime in over 10 months in 2015. The average uptime of HostMonster in the whole year was 99.94% and that of InMotion was 99.95%.

Below are the statistics collected in the recent 30 days.

HostMonster uptime:

InMotion uptime:

Speed – InMotion is better

According to constant monitoring, HostMonster can deliver good speed, but InMotion still wins because this company has always paid extra attention to the performance of the hosting services. Among all the shared web hosts that we have reviewed since 2006, InMotion is the fastest.

In fact, the two web hosts have made their efforts to speed up the hosted websites. For example, HostMonster utilizes CDN, while InMotion purchases SSDs and invests in other technologies like the exclusive Max Speed Zones. The server response speed and page loads of both companies are above the average of the industry.

You can read the server response records in below.

Which Provides More Helpful Technical Support

We have seen little complaints about the support service of either HostMonster or InMotion. Their US-based support teams are accessible 24×7, and at present, they allow users to get technical assistance by:

  • Calling the support team at any time (recommended for simple or urgent issues).
  • Chatting with a support representative (recommended for simple issues).
  • Submitting a support ticket (recommended for complicated issues).
  • Searching the knowledgebase for solutions to common questions.

With either company, you don’t have to wait a whole day for a reply because they have been tested to be efficient in dealing with customers’ support requests. Even the responses for tickets are usually offered within 2 hours.

In addition, InMotion has prepared abundant self-help resources including education channels about WordPress, email, database, etc, and multiple user communities. These cover both the basic and advanced topics about WordPress, such as WordPress install, shortcodes, brute force protection, and WordPress multisite.

Verdict – Both Are Good Options for WordPress Hosting

From the comparison above, you can see that both of HostMonster and InMotion provide reliable and affordable web hosting plans that are fully compatible with WordPress. So you can select either one as your provider. Or you may:


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