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HostMonster VS FatCow – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

HostMonster VS FatCow – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

HostMonster and FatCow are two of the most affordable shared web hosting providers in this industry, and both of them bring customers with tangible benefits. That makes it hard to make decide which company is worth going. To reveal the answer, we make the HostMonster vs FatCow to make a comprehensive comparison between the two companies.

Who Wins Greater Reputation? – The Voice of Customers

Having browsed hundreds of real customer reviews for HostMonster and FatCow, we find that both companies receive mixed reviews. Generally speaking, the evaluations for the two web hosts are summarized as follows. We also excerpt some typical reviews as the following screenshots.

HostMonster Reputation

  1. Great support service. The professional support team can answer all requests in the shortest time.
  2. Cost-effective solutions. The basic shared hosting plan is great for small sites with low traffic. Each package includes rich resources but be priced at an affordable price.
  3. Lack of hosting resources. Some webmasters running websites with large sizes are not satisfied with HostMonster shared hosting service, because of the deficiency of resource allocation.
  4. High level of reliability. Most reviews indicate that this company can deliver excellent uptime to each hosted site.

HostMonster Customer Reviews

FatCow Reputation

  1. Unreasonable charges. Starting at an affordable but including various hidden fees. Webmasters are asked to pay for all add-ons or their sites would be shut down.
  2. Responsive technical support. Once suffering a malware problem, the FatCow support team comes up with effective solutions in time.
  3. Support staffs are not professional enough. Although the support staffs can solve problems in real time, they cannot show users the causes to the issue.
  4. Great features. The solution includes rich resources and user-friendly control panel, which makes it much easier to develop a functional website.

FatCow Customer Reviews

What’s in the Package? – Comparison on Price & Features

This part briefs readers on an in-depth comparison of the price and features between HostMonster and FatCow.

Shared Hosting Packages and Price

HostMonster leaves webmasters to choose a favored plan from three shared hosting solutions and prices the service at $3.49/mo. This promotional link is used to purchase HostMonster shared hosting service at such an affordable price. No extra fee is needed for account setup and primary domain registration.

More pricing information is shown as below.

Price Basic Plus Business Pro
Normally $5.99/mo $9.99/mo $19.99/mo
Discount 42% 45% 33%
Now! $3.49/mo $5.49/mo $13.49/mo
HostMonster Promotion Link Activation

FatCow has one Original FatCow plan and that is one sale now. There is a 60% discount now available for this package to make the price down to $49/yr, namely, around $4.08/mo. Such exclusive discount and affordable price is valid for 1/2/3-year billing term. If there is a need to experience this all-in-one package, the monthly plan is worth going, which is pricing at $5/mo. Besides, the instant activation, account setup and domain registration are free of charge.

To enable more functions to the hosted sites, FatCow releases some add-ons shown as below. It is completely optional for webmasters to purchase any add-on services.

  • WP Essential – $3/mo
  • Constant Contact – $10/mo
  • Advanced Site Protection and Performance Accelerator – $1.66/mo
  • Google Apps for Work – $5/mo
  • Automated Daily Backup – $1.08/mo
  • Make Site Mobile-Friendly – $2.99/mo

Resource Allocation, Features & Control Panel

To make it clear on which company enables more possibilities to hosted sites, we list the main features of HostMonster Plus plan (most popular) and the Original FatCow plan in the following table.

Feature HostMonster fatcow
Plans in Comparison Plus Original Fatcow Plan
Websites Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain 1 1
Websites Allowed Unlimited Unlimited
Marketing Offers $200 $200
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
MySQL yes yes
PHP5 yes yes
Python yes yes
Ruby on Rails yes no
Perl yes no
Custom Cron Jobs yes no
Custom Error Pages yes no

Accordingly, both companies have a lot in common in terms of web hosting resource allocation. However, there is great difference between HostMonster and FatCow when it comes to control panel.

  • HostMonster utilizes he most popular cPanel with SimpleScripts 1-click script installer, which makes it much easier to install multiple applications within a few clicks. This control panel allows users to manage accounts, domains, emails or anything else via an intuitive interface.
  • FatCow integrates its shared hosting plan with vDeck. This control panel includes a beginner-friendly interface to help users create a site without the need of any HTML knowledge.

Report of Uptime and Server Response Time

The two hosting providers promise to deliver excellent uptime to each website. They invest a lot on data centers and keep monitoring all facilities around-the-clock. During the past 30 days, we have tested the uptime for each web host and get the results as below. It follows that HostMonster achieves a higher reliability than FatCow.

HostMonster Uptime

FatCow Uptime

To tell which company delivers faster page loading speed, we also test the server response time of two companies. By using robust servers with advanced technologies, HostMonster and FatCow achieve competitive hosting speed. Since HostMonster utilizes thousands of 100% DELL servers with multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet, this company achieves higher performance than FatCow.

How About Their Technical Support?

We’ve tested their technical support via live chat and email before making this comparison. The support staffs of both companies are friendly and patient to answer all our questions in time. Besides that, the phone is also available for webmasters to communicate the support team. All communication channels are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Final Thought – HostMonster VS FatCow

HostMonster and FatCow have done a great job on support service, web hosting reliability and resource allocation. But comparatively speaking, HostMonster gets higher reputation and offers more benefits to webmasters. This company can also guarantee faster page loading speed to each hosted site.


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