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HostMonster VS DreamHost – Which is the Better Web Hosting Choice?

HostMonster VS DreamHost – Which is the Better Web Hosting Choice?

HostMonster VS DreamHostThis is an in-depth comparison between HostMonster VS DreamHost in terms of features, performance, security and reliability, support, and price value. Readers can have a closer look at the two WordPress hosting providers, learn about their commons and differences, and make the right choice.

HostMonster and DreamHost are two of the best WordPress hosts which provide affordable WordPress services with excellent performance and professional support. But which is better? This comparison between HostMonster VS DreamHost is based on our in-depth review of two companies and referred to the verified customer reviews.

Editors’ Ratings

DreamHost has kept the independence since the inception in 1997 while many of the peers have been a part of larger hosting companies. Nowadays, this web host increases the population with the release of a 97-day refund policy and the utilization of cloud computing technology. During the first 97 days of your activation, you are allowed to check the service quality without the fear of money security. And the new technology can improve the reliability of their hosted websites.

HostMonster used to be a sister brand of BlueHost. In the year of 2010, the acquisition HostMonster and BlueHost was completed by the Endurance International Group. Compared with DreamHost, HostMonster is highlighted for the cheaper hosting fees, more feature offerings, faster speed, and free phone & chat support services.

We invite you to read the below table where we have evaluated their service qualities. Then you should have had a general idea before the detailed information.

Rating HostMonster DreamHost
Price 5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Feature 4.5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star
Uptime 5 of 5 Star 5 of 5 Star
Speed 4.5 of 5 Star 3 of 5 Star
Support 4.5 of 5 Star 3.5 of 5 Star

The Differences of HostMonster VS DreamHost

Although HostMonster and DreamHost have several similarities on some aspects, they have more differences which set them apart from each other. To be frank, HostMonster is better than DreamHost on the features and price. Below is the table of feature comparison between HostMonster VS DreamHost, where you can check some details as the following.

Feature HostMonster DreamHost
Operating System Linux CentOS Debian Linux
Free Domain 1 1
Control Panel cPanel DreamHost Custom
PostgreSQL Unlimited No
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
1-Click App Installation SimpleScripts (150+ Apps) Fantastico (50 Apps)
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 97 days
Price 3.95/mo 7.95/mo
Learn more Learn more

Through the comparison, we can see that both HostMonster and DreamHost are affordable on shared hosting. HostMonster is quite cost effective, starting at $3.95/mo and 58% off the regular price for customer going through the exclusive promotional link.

As for DreamHost, its shared web hosting service is regularly starting at $10.95/mo. Now, with the 27% discount, the price is automatically down to $7.95/mo.

In addition, HostMonster provides more advanced features like cPanel control panel, PostgreSQL database, custom cronjobs, PHP.ini, and more. Moreover, HostMonster is also reliable to offer 30-day money back guarantee. DreamHost guarantees 97 days money back and that leaves longer time for customers to experience the web hosting service.

The Commons of HostMonster VS DreamHost

CommonsHostMonster is an experienced web hosting provider focusing on shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. Started their business in 1996, HostMonster has fast grown to be one of the most famous shared web hosting providers among bloggers and small businesses, powering more than 2 million websites and domains.

On the other hand, DreamHost is a reputed web hosting company serving more than 750,000 websites worldwide. It is designed for small to medium sized businesses, coming with shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. In summary, HostMonster and DreamHost have similar features and services on web hosting. We can check their commons as the following:

  • HostMonster and DreamHost both provide hosting solutions including shared, VPS and dedicated server, which results in the same target markets as personal websites, blogs, and small to medium sized business websites.
  • All solutions from HostMonster and DreamHost are quality and efficient, along with rich features and 24×7 US based technical support.
  • HostMonster and DreamHost are both experienced with more than 15 years development in the hosting field, getting reputable reviews from customers and experts.

HostMonster VS DreamHost on Performance

In general, hosting performance is the top concern when choosing a web hosting among a variety of options. Therefore, we discuss the performance of HostMonster and DreamHost in detail.

HostMonster and DreamHost both deliver fast web hosting services; however, HostMonster surpasses DreamHost due to their strong facilities and powerful data centers. HostMonster has 3 dedicated data centers located in Utah, US, each of which operates Intel Xeon quad processing servers connected through high speed fiber OC-48 backbone connection, and is tied into SONET system to provide fast data transfer for the hosting sites.

As we monitored the server response time of both companies for more than half a year, we find that HostMonster and DreamHost achieve high performance. Read the real time monitoring data in below chart.

Besides, HostMonster also utilizes a universal power system to secure server from power outages. With the 24×7 monitoring system, HostMonster can handle the system errors and failures at the first time, and prevent problems affecting the hosting sites. With solid infrastructures, HostMonster is confident to offer 99.9% uptime guarantee, and even delivers 99.98% uptime actually.

DreamHost has a group of technicians responsible for network security. Once detecting any issue, the technicians will take measure to solve it in time. According to 30-day monitoring for DreamHost uptime, this company delivers 99.92% uptime to each hosted site.

HostMonster VS DreamHost on Support

Well, support plays an important role in the daily usage, but you never need to worry about it on HostMonster. HostMonster proudly offers 24×7 US based technical support which is available for phone, live chat and email, and handled by the professional staffs and experts. So customers can get effective support whenever they meet problems.

DreamHost also provides 24/7 Los Angeles-based technical support which is only available via Email. However, if customers want to get support via phone or live chat, they need to purchase the premium support service which is $14.95/mo, including 3 phone call backs and unlimited live chat in each month. The support staffs are experienced enough to answer all requests in time.

With the skillful and professional support, the two companies have earned a nice reputation in the communities. As we collected 68 HostMonster reviews from real customers, up to 97% customers are satisfied with the service.

Editorial Recommendation

After the thorough comparison between HostMonster VS DreamHost, we can see that HostMonster offers more affordable service and more communication methods to customer. So we sincerely recommend HostMonster to webmasters who wish to save more budgets.


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