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Hosting24 Review – Shared Web Hosting Review
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Hosting24 Review – Shared Web Hosting Review

Hosting24 has set foot in web hosting industry for over 10 years. This company develops hosting services to satisfy the needs of different websites. This Hosting24 review is just about a review on Hosting24 shared web hosting. That is great for some small and medium businesses who are wondering whether this company should be in consideration.

Having browsed hundreds of reviews to Hosting24, we find that most customers complain about this company due to unresponsive support, poor uptime, slow loading speed, etc. Here, we analyze all those aspects in this review to make it clear on whether Hosting24 performs is such trustless or not.

Does Hosting24 Price Shared Web Hosting Reasonably?

The answer is no. Hosting24 has two shared hosting solutions, starting at $4.84/mo. That is a little higher than that of some cheap web hosting providers pricing shared web hosting less than $4/mo. Note that, the starting price is valid for the 36-month billing cycle. Customers should pay more money for the short billing terms. Check more price information in the following table.

Billing Cycle Silver Gold
1-Month $7.84/mo $10.84/mo
3-Month $7.54/mo $10.54/mo
6-Month $7.24/mo $10.24/mo
12-Month $6.84/mo $9.84/mo
24-Month $5.84/mo $8.84/mo
36-Month $4.84/mo $7.84/mo

The short term plans are too expensive to be accepted by some beginners and small businesses. To save more budgets, customers should purchase a solution for a long billing cycle. That is not great for webmasters who lack understanding of Hosting24 and only wish to have a shot at this company.

The domain registration and account setup are free of charge. Also, the 30-day money back guarantee is valid for both solutions, which makes everything worry free.

What’s in the Deal? – Resources and Advanced Features

The commitment of Hosting24 is leaving enough room for website growth. Hosting24 includes unlimited resources in each solution to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Both Silver hosting package and Gold hosting package include:

  • Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases, phpMyAdmin, remote MySQL connections
  • PHP5.1 ~ 5.6, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Curl, CGI support
  • CloudFlare CDN service and automatic weekly backups
  • POP/SMTP, IMAP, email forwarders, auto responders, SpamAssassin protection

There are more possibilities available for the Gold hosting package, including dedicated IP address, custom nameservers, anonymous FTP and SSL/TSL manager.

Hosting24 integrates each shared hosting solution with cPanel

Hosting24 integrate both shared hosting solutions with cPanel. That enables an easy way to manage all subdomains, add-on domains and parked domains. Also, the Softaculous 1-click installer allows users to install multiple apps in a few clicks. Some other advanced features are also available in this powerful control panel, like Cron Jobs, IP Deny Manager, Custom Error Pages, and so on.

How About Hosting24 Technical Support?

Based on our real experience on Hosting24 technical support, this company makes good on the promise of responsive support service. We try to contact Hosting24 support staff via online chat. Once sending out the message, we get a reply in a few seconds. The support staff is patient to answer our request and help us solve the problem effectively.

Hosting24 Online Chat

Besides that, the ticket system, email and phone are also available for webmasters if there is a need to contact Hosting24 support team. The Hosting24 Blog is set here to deliver the new discounts or holiday sales to webmasters.

Hosting24 Networks

Hosting24 locates all servers in Dallas and Asheville, privately collected in Immedion data center. The data center is equipped with Tier 1 Internet access platform. To prevent an outage, this company supports the whole network with advanced technologies.

The Gateway Failover Protection, Border Gateway Protocol, Redundant Cisco Routing and some other facilities are all work on the network. The 24/7 onsite network monitoring makes sure that all infrastructures are running well around-the-clock.

Here comes a real test for Hosting24 uptime and response time. It indicates that Hosting24 cannot compare with some competitors who achieve 99.99% uptime. The site hosted with Hosting24 is very likely to suffer downtime issues.

Hosting24 Uptime

Final Thought – Is Hosting24 Shared Web Hosting Worth Choosing?

Hosting24 allocates unlimited resources to each plan and also enables many advanced features. The use of cPanel can help customers create a functional website with ease. Besides, the responsive support team solves any problem effectively.

However, the price of Hosting24 shared hosting price is much higher than many competitors like the following recommendations. The hosting reliability and speed are also not satisfactory.


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