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HostGator VS GreenGeeks - Which is Better for Green & Personal Usage?

HostGator VS GreenGeeks – Which is Better for Green & Personal Usage?

As environmental issue is increasingly serious and the hosting is a big polluter actually, choosing a eco-friendly host could be an important thing. HostGator and GreenGeeks both claim that they are a green host, but which one is greener? In this article, we compare HostGator VS GreenGeeks on the green hosting. In the end, we found that GreenGeeks is greener than HostGator.

As the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV, a hosting company with thousands of servers will produce a lot of carbon emissions. To be greener, HostGator and GreenGeeks take steps to minimize their environmental impact. Move on to see what they do and which one does better. At the same time, we also check whether they can offer quality hosting services.

HostGator VS GreenGeeks on Features & Services

GreenGeeks and HostGator both provide rich features, such as, unlimited disk space & bandwidth, site builder & 1-click installation, 24×7 support, PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL databases, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more applications.

However, they also have differences in some features. In fact, GreenGeeks is more rich-featured in the single plan. Specifically, GreenGeeks allows you to own multiple websites on one account. In addition, free marketing & SEO tools are available for you to better promote your website on main search engines. What’s more, GreenGeeks also enables you to start online business with the usage of Magento, PrestaShop, or ZenCart. HostGator also differs from the competitor with the release of 45-day refund policy which lengthens 30 days of GreenGeeks to 45 days. In this sense, you have a longer time to confirm your subscription on HostGator.

Feature GreenGeeks HostGator HostGator
Plan in Comparison Green Plan Hatchling Baby
Free Domain Lifetime yes yes
Domains Allowed Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Unlimited Space yes yes yes
Unlimited Bandwidth yes yes yes
SSL yes yes yes
cPanel yes yes yes
Ruby on Rails no yes yes
Dedicated IP yes no $2/mo
Price $3.95/mo $3.82/mo $5.47/mo
Money Back 30 Days 45 Days 45 Days
Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation

HostGator VS GreenGeeks for Green

GreenTo be more eco-friendly, HostGator purchases certified renewal energy credits representing 130% of the electricity. It also switches to 36% more efficient servers to improve energy utilization. With these efforts, HostGator hosting solutions are greener than commons. However, GreenGeeks also does a better job on green web hosting by the following actions,

  • goes 300% Green. GreenGeeks purchases 3x wind energy credits for the energy they consumed from the grid.
  • Improves Servers configurations. GreenGeeks works on all servers and re-configures them so that they could run more efficiently and use less energy. These efforts make GreenGeeks more energy efficient in the data centers.
  • Recycles Paper Usage. With deeply environmental awareness rooted in mind, GreenGeeks also recycles rigorously in the offices, avoiding any unnecessary prints to conserve papers.
  • Telecommutes Work. By allowing stuffs to telecommute from home or a shared home, GreenGeeks also makes efforts on saving money and car emissions.

With many minor ways, GreenGeeks makes a bigger difference to the environment. This is the reason why GreenGeeks is recognized as the best green web hosting provider across the world.

HostGator VS GreenGeeks on Speed & Uptime

speedIn term of speed & uptime, HostGator and GreenGeeks both have good performance. As HostGator has partnered with SoftLayer which is featured with state of the art security, power, safety, and cooling systems, it can make the hosted sites secure, fulfilling its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • Servers are configured with Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors and 24GB RAM
  • RAID-10 Hardware RAID array’s can maximize the storage performance & reliability
  • Multiple Gigabit connectivity with BGP routing are used for ultimate network connectivity
  • Data centers are equipped with raised floors, climate control, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, and UPS & generators for secure
  • 10 seconds server/ service monitoring and nightly backups keep the system stable all the time

Well, GreenGeeks also achieves the 99.9% uptime guarantee. With robust hardware, world-class data facilities, as well as the lower amount of clients on each server, the websites hosted on GreenGeeks keep run fast and secure at any time.

Having monitored HostGator and GreenGeeks server response time for over 6 month, we record that HostGator performs 338ms server response time averagely, 11% faster than GreenGeeks slightly. See the real-time statistics of the past 30 days in the following chart:

HostGator VS GreenGeeks on Pricing

Both HostGator and GreenGeeks have multiple hosting plans, but we introduce the shared hosting mainly. HostGator shared hosting includes 3 level plans which are called as Hatchling, Baby, and Business. The price depends on the plan and billing cycle you choose. The cheapest plan is starting at $3.82/mo, 45% off by using coupon code HG45PERCENT via this promotional link. Besides, it also comes with the following affordable features:

  • 1 Free domain included.
  • 4,500+ FREE Site Building Tools and Templates
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer
HostGator Promotional Link Activation

GreenGeeks shared hosting has only 1 plan which is also affordable. Starting at $9.95/mo regularly, customers can always get 30% discount. However, at present, for customers going through this exclusive link, they can get extra 60% discount and pay as low as $3.95/mo.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, customers could trust GreenGeeks at all, or they could ask for full fund within 30 days. No questions asked.

HostGator VS GreenGeeks on Customer Support

For customers don’t know how to do with hosting problems, they need to choose a provider with considerate support. HostGator and GreenGeeks provide multiple support methods including phone call, live chat, and email ticket. And they both include online support centers on the official site. The support centers are helpful for customers who would like to solve problems by themselves.

For our real experience, the support from the two companies are very responsive. The support representatives are very professional and patient. When we chatted with GreenGeeks representatives for the MySQL database problems, they answered me immediately and effectively. Besides, GreenGeeks also gets an up to 92.6% customer satisfaction rate. Similarly, HostGator is impressive because the well-trained workers provide us with quick and helpful answers to our questions. It also receives high praises from the real users. In fact, it is a tough decision to differ one from the other in the customer support section.

HostGator Overview

HostGator has covered more than 15 years in the hosting industry. With the efforts to go green, this web host also wins a great reputation because it doesn’t compromise on the service quality. What attracts your attention most should be the faster hosting environment. The 45-day money back guarantee is another encouragement for you to try their hosting services.

GreenGeeks Overview

Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks is a web host who came later to the hosting market. However, their strong environmental awareness should deserve the acknowledgement as the industry leading green web host. It sets a great example for many web hosts who only care much about their profits but ignore their carbon footprints. Though there is a single shared hosting plan, it comes with rich features, a good hosting environment, and quality technical support.


After the comprehensive comparison between HostGator and GreenGeeks, it’s hard to say which is better. Frankly speaking, both web hosts are advised to personal blogs with the desire to offset the carbon footprints. To give you a clearer idea, HostGator comes with a little faster speed while GreenGeeks provides extremely eco-friendly web hosting. Anyway, choose the right company based on your own requirements.


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