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How to Highlight New Posts for Returning Visitors in WordPress

How to Highlight New Posts for Returning Visitors in WordPress

In daily life, you may have noticed that some popular websites highlight unread posts for returning visitors by appending some marks like a “New” label to the titles. Then you may fall into a thought that how to follow their steps to display new content for your returning visitors and increase your page views. You will find the solutions through our guide on how to highlight new posts in WordPress.

Why Highlight New Posts for Returning Visitors

Returning visitors are users who show much interest in your website and come back to find more information. In most cases, however, they just spend a few seconds in staying on a web page which they are not interested in. With the passage of time, they probably forget which web page they have viewed. Therefore, you can save their time and inform them of the fresh content by highlighting new posts for them. As a result, you will finally engage them with your new content and increase your page views.

Use a Plugin to Highlight New Posts

Since a few of our readers are skilled at manual coding, we recommend a plugin called Mark New Posts for beginners because you can reach your goal in an easier way. You can find the similar process to install and activate the plugin by following our step by step guide on how to install WordPress plugins.

Mark New Posts

Upon activation, there is a new tab named Mark New Posts inside the Settings menu. You need to go to the settings page to customize the plugin. The first option is to decide the marker placement: before post title, after post title, or both of them. Anyway, the final aim is to gain a high customer satisfaction no matter where you choose to display markers.

Then you need to select a pre-built marker type from orange circle, “New” text, flag, and default picture. In addition, you are free to create a unique marker type with your own picture by copying and pasting the image URL. By default, Mark New Posts will show the fresh content with orange circle before the title.

Customize Marker Placement and Type

Next, you have the right to set how long your marker will remain. During the period, your published post will stay marked as new. Here, an advice for you is that do not highlight all posts for new visitors in order to provide a good using experience. So you’d better set the time as one month or even shorter.

Customize Days

Once you save your changes, your returning visitors can easily identify the new posts in the form you have configured. Due to the ease of use, Mark New Posts has owned a great number of users.

Use Code to Highlight New Posts

The use of a plugin should be your first choice when you have trouble dealing with code snippet and are afraid to mess up your website. Here we also want to show the way to highlight new posts with code. There are some instances when developers don’t want to work with another plugin. Before the start, create a backup of your website to avoid the loss of data. Then add the below code into your theme’s functions.php file.

New Posts with Code

The code will take a record of user activity on your website through the cookie. When users return to your website, they can easily tell what new posts are after their last visit. This will save them much time looking for valuable content.


This article targets at beginners who have the desire to highlight new posts for returning visitors. Mark New Posts is a useful plugin which can simplify the process. In order to get a good using experience, we have also made some suggestions for your settings. We sincerely hope that you have learned the two ways to get the desired effect. If your technical skills permit, adding code snippet is also a good choice to highlight new posts.


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