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How to Hide Posts from WordPress Homepage?

How to Hide Posts from WordPress Homepage?

There may be a variety of situations in which you do not want to display a post on the homepage of your website. Frankly speaking, no matter what kind of situation you are facing with, this can be accomplished easily and quickly.

In the following, we will briefly explore some reasons why many bloggers desire to hide posts from WordPress homepage and then introduce a simple method to help you with the whole process.

Hide Posts

Why Hide Posts from the Homepage?

As is known to all, controlling where and how your posts will appear on your website is the job of your theme. Most WordPress themes nowadays are designed to display the newest posts first on the website of your own.

However, there are cases that you do not want some newly added posts or any other specific posts to show up in such a prominent position. For example, if you are running a content-heavy website with regular updates, you may want to retain the most valuable posts only to attract more readers and reduce the bounce rate.

Let’s say it again, whatever motives you have for wanting to keep some light-weight posts off the homepage, the goal is super easy to achieve with the help of a plugin named as WP Hide Post. Now, scroll down to check the detailed steps about how we will use this plugin here.

Enable the WP Hide Post Plugin

Welcomed by more than 50,000 users, WP Hide Post is one of the most popular plugins that excel in granting you with a full control over the visibility of your WordPress posts. To use this plugin, you firstly need to search for it via the option “Plugins” > “Add New” in the sidebar menu of your dashboard. Then, install and activate it by following the system prompts.

Install the WP Hide Post Plugin

As a sweet reminder, if you have encountered some problems during the installation process, please refer to our tutorial about how to install WordPress plugins for some helpful guidance.

Hide WordPress Posts from Your Homepage

Since the plugin can work out of the box, there is no configuration for you to make. Here, all you need to do is opening up the editing screen of a new post or an existing post. Then, you can see a “Post Visibility” meta box at the bottom of the right-hand side of the post editor.

Post Visibility Meta Box

Displayed as the screenshot above, the plugin allows you to hide the post at multiple sections of your website, such as the front page, the category page, the archive page, and more. Tick the checkbox next to the option “Hide on the front page.” and publish or update the post.

After that, the post will be invisible on the homepage of your website. However, it will appear normally in every other position that you have not selected in the meta box. Also, users having the post URL can view it on its own page.

What also worth mentioning is that the plugin works well for hiding pages. With the options presented in the screen capture, you can hide certain pages on the front page or everywhere of your website in WordPress.

Hide Pages


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