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How to Hand Off WordPress Sites to Your Clients

How to Hand Off WordPress Sites to Your Clients

Most WordPress users choose to set up a WordPress site for their own online presence. But there are some other people decide to build a quality website, and then, hand off to their clients to make money. Many of you may think that the hand-off process is simple. You just need to provide your clients with the login information of your admin panel. Actually, this is far away enough. In the following, we have listed some important steps of how to hand off WordPress sites to your clients.

Step 1 – Modify the Admin after the Discussion with Your Clients

If your client is a common WordPress user and wants all the functions offered by this script, you can pass this step. Otherwise, you’d better modify the admin panel to make your site client-proof. Before carrying out this step, you firstly need to discuss with your clients to figure out whether they need you to simplify the dashboard for the easier usage. If so, you can consider the modification for the following aspects.

  • Remove some unnecessary parts on the dashboard. There 5 parts by default. Among them, you should keep the “At A Glance”, “Activity” and “Quick Drafts”. Via them, clients can quickly and easily know what is happening on the website. The “Welcome to WordPress” can be removed if you will go through the step 3 discussed in the following. And there is no need to keep the “WordPress News” area.
  • Start the white labeling for the dashboard. This is also based on the needs of your clients. If they are the new WordPress users and want to get familiar with this WordPress site, the white labeling is a good choice.
  • Optimize the menu of the admin. It is possible that your clients only need the most basic publishing function of WordPress. If so, you can remove all the unnecessary menus to give your clients a clear view.

WordPress Normal Dashboard

Step 2 – Provide the Login Information in A Secure Way

To hand off the WordPress site, you should provide the correct username and password. As researched, we have found that some people choose to send the critical information in the plain text and via the email message. Here, we need to mention that this is totally wrong. After all, this may cause the exposure of the login password.

Here, we highly recommend you to use the password manager tool that has the encryption function. There are various online tools and service provides you can choose. This time, we recommend LastPass. You can go through the following steps to send the password in the most secure way. The only concern is that your clients also should be the users of LastPass. But this tool will help your clients get started easily.

  • Log in the LastPass Vault of your account.
  • Search for the item you are looking to share. This time, you should hover over your website entry.
  • Hit the Share icon.
  • Enter the email address of your recipient and click the Share button again.

You can check the result from the Sharing Center directly.

Sharing Center

Step 3 – Start the Detailed Training

This step is really important. No matter your client is a newbie or an experienced user, you have to provide a detailed training. In this case, your clients can get used to this website just as it is built by them.

Your Clients Know Everything About WordPress

If your clients are WordPress users, you can feel worry-free. You just need to hand off this website to them, introduce the installed plugins, temples and add-in tools, tell them what optimization you have done to this site and list all the important information such as the domain registrar, web hosting provider and the third-party service provider.

If there is no sensitive information, you can hand over all of the information via the email directly.

Your Clients Are Totally the Newbies

If your clients know nothing about WordPress, you should give them a training session. Personally speaking, we think the face-to-face training is the most effective option to help them learn the website easily. However, this training option is hard to achieve. In this case, the video recording is necessary.

It is true that there are a large number of WordPress related tutorials and resources available online. However, we highly recommend you to record a video tutorial on your own, which introduces the general usage of this website, the add-on features, the current content and any other basic information. After that, you can embed this video in the dashboard that acts as the support resource.

WordPress Video Tutorial

Step 4 – Upsell the Maintenance Plan

In fact, the first 3 steps allow you to hand off the WordPress site properly. But here, we highly recommend you to seek the opportunity for the future cooperation. For instance, you can upsell the maintenance plan for your clients. This way, if they go through something wrong, you can provide the paid support to deal with the issues. This is a win-win strategy for both you and your customers.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.