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GreenGeeks VS BlueHost - Which is Better for WordPress Hosting?

GreenGeeks VS BlueHost – Which is Better for WordPress Hosting?

GreenGeeks is a reputable green web hosting provider while BlueHost is a world leading web host that has more than 18 years in the industry. When it comes to make a choice between GreenGeeks VS BlueHost, which is the better choice for WordPress hosting?

This GreenGeeks VS BlueHost comparison contrasts two companies in overall aspects, including price, features, speed, uptime, and technical support. According to the in-depth comparison, we finally find that both GreenGeeks and BlueHost offer excellent WordPress hosting services.


Before learning about their detailed services, we first come out an overall comparison table, which shows that GreenGeeks is highlighted for the green hosting service, and BlueHost is the superior for the cost-effective service. See the detailed features and ratings in the following table.

Rating GreenGeeks BlueHost
Feature rating 4 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Performance rating 4 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Reliability rating 4.5 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Security rating 4 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Support rating 4.0 rating 4.5
Eco-Friendliness rating 5.0 rating 3.5
Price $3.96/mo $2.95/mo
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Both GreenGeeks and BlueHost offer affordable WordPress hosting services. Starting at $4.95/mo regularly, now GreenGeeks is offering 20% discount, enabling users to get the service at $3.96/mo through the promotional link.

BlueHost prices the WordPress hosting services from $7.99/mo originally. And now, it also provides over 60% discount and starts at $2.95/mo for new customers clicking through the exclusive promotional link.

Price GreenGeeks BlueHost
Regular Price $4.95/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 20% 63%
Effective Price $3.96/mo $2.95/mo
Free Domain Lifetime 1st Year
Accept Credit Card Yes Yes
Accept PayPal Yes Yes
Money Back 30 Days Anytime
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

With similar price level, two companies also offer a series of freebies, such as 1 free domain name, free site builder, free site migration, themes and plugins, and so on. As for the money back guarantee, GreenGeeks promises 30 days money back while BlueHost commits anytime money back guarantee.


GreenGeeks and BlueHost both offer rich-featured WordPress hosting, which includes nearly all of the features customers needed within their websites. They both offer ample disk storage, subdomains, and email accounts, and the latest technologies including MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, and so on. Refer to the detailed features in the following table.

Feature GreenGeeks BlueHost
Plan Ecosite Starter Plus
Domains Allowed Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Space yes yes
Unlimited Bandwidth yes yes
PHP 5.2.17 5.4
SSL yes yes
cPanel yes yes
Ruby on Rails Yes yes
Python yes yes
Perl yes yes
MySQL yes yes
PostgreSQL no yes
Price $3.96/mo $3.95/mo
Link Activation Link Activation

Based on the above table, GreenGeeks and BlueHost offer rich enough features to satisfy the requirements of both individuals and small businesses.

Speed & Uptime

Two companies offer reliable service because they both guarantee 99.9% uptime and put it into practice. The below BlueHost Uptime chart shows that BlueHost keeps the websites nearly 100% online in the recent 30 days.

In addition, two hosts also deliver fast server response speed. Replying within 400 ms, they are both much faster than the common hosts in the field. Especially, BlueHost is still up to 17% faster than GreenGeeks.

The reasons why BlueHost can commit such excellent performance may due to the quality data center infrastructure. It has built 3 data centers in the Utah, equipping with over 5,000 100% Dell servers, 4 separate physical fiber lines which results over 150,000 MBits bandwidth. In addition, it also has developed CPU and I/O Segregation to guarantee CPU resources for every user on every server.

However, on the other hand, GreenGeeks devotes great energy into green web hosting service. In order to compensate for the power, it pulls from the grid and purchases 300% wind energy credits for the energy they consume from the grid. As a result, its web hosting is 100% greener than others.

Technical Support

supportTechnical support is the most important part of shared web hosting as many people are non-technicians. As reputable web hosting providers, GreenGeeks and BlueHost understand the customer’s needs very well. They both offer 24×7 professional technical support to help customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With knowledgeable and well-trained support staff, customers can always get effective helps.

Both GreenGeeks and BlueHost are contactable through phone, live chat and email ticket. Besides, they both prepare an online Help Center on the website so that customers can find useful information online and solve problems by themselves.


According to the in-depth comparison, both GreenGeeks and BlueHost offer quality WordPress hosting solutions. Only GreenGeeks is better for the eco-friendly service while BlueHost is better for the cost-effectiveness. As a result, we recommend GreenGeeks for environmentalists while recommend BlueHost for customers who expects high performance and affordable service.

Besides, as we get 556 BlueHost reviews from verified customers, nearly 99.6% are satisfied with BlueHost services, including the performance & reliability, price, and customer service.


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