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How to Add Google Translate Button in WordPress

How to Add Google Translate Button in WordPress

No matter what content you decide to showcase on your site, these web contents must be public to the worldwide readers. However, the question is not all of these audiences can understand what you are talking about. Especially, if they do not speak your native language, it can be hard for them to understand your words. So, looking to make your website more accessible to countless people? In the following, we’d like to tell you a simple way – add Google Translate button in WordPress.

Here, we need to note that the Google Translate button cannot create a fully multilingual website for you. It is just used to make your web content readable for people speaking different languages. Here, we’ll explain more about this aspect in the following.

Something You Need to Know About This Button

Previously, we have already introduced the method of making a multilingual WordPress site. It seems that both the multilingual website and the Google Translate button can help foreign readers to understand your words easily. However, they work differently at all, achieving different functions.

The multilingual tool will generate the totally translated versions of your website so that search engines can index no matter what language you use. The tool will never translate a particular item on your website for audiences. Instead, it comes out a cohesive translated website.

Google Translator button, however, just translates any post, page, paragraph or word on your website into the target language of your readers. With this tool, there is no need for you to handle the translations and store the translated site on your own.

However, there are two drawbacks of Google Translate button we need to mention.

  • This tool will translate your website using the translation machine. Thus, the results may not be perfect. And also, you cannot edit the translations manually.
  • Google cannot index the translation of your website at all.

Install the Google Language Translator Plugin

To display a Google Translate button on your WordPress site, you can use the Google Language Translator plugin. After the installation, you should make some plugin configurations by clicking the Settings > Google Language Translator button.

Main Setting

From this part, you should choose the original website language at first. To activate the translation feature, you also need to check the activate box.

Main Setting

Layout Settings

From this area, you need to decide what languages can showcase in the language switch. Here, you can decide to display all the languages supported by this plugin or some of the available options based on your needs. Even, you can decide to show the flag images of these languages as you like. This plugin now supports more than 100 languages.

Layout Settings

In addition, you can choose to hide or showcase the language switcher, the Google toolbar and the Google branding. Personally speaking, we recommend you to display the first two options.

As for the layout option, you can choose the vertical one, horizontal one or the SIMPLE one. Also, you can align the translator button at the left side or the right side.

Show Switcher

Floating Widget and Behavior Settings

If you want, you can show the widget for the floating translation. If so, you have the freedom to decide the custom text for this widget and allow the translation of the widget text as well.

In addition, you can turn on some behavior settings, such as enabling the multilingual mode and Google Analytics tracking.

Floating Settings

Advanced Settings

If you want, you can also decide some advanced settings. Here, you can select the flag size and the exact flag option for English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Advanced Settings

Showcase the Google Translate Button

As for the button display, you can navigate to the Usage part of this plugin settings page. Here, you can find the exact shortcode and HTML code that can show this button in posts, pages, sidebar, footer, header, page template and menus.

Google Translate Shortcode

Or, you can make use of the exclusive Google Language Translator widget and place it at the sidebar.

Google Translate Button


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