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How to Get Google SiteLinks for Your WordPress?

How to Get Google SiteLinks for Your WordPress?

As an important component of searching result management, Google SiteLinks are valued by more and more website owners who regard them as a reputation. However, it can not only bring about honor but also bring real benefits to websites. For example, it can drive more traffic to website, increase website authority, promote click through rate, and so on so forth.

Although knowing how useful Google SiteLinks are, many webmasters still have no idea about how to get them because Google hasn’t show any hint about how to judge whether a website is eligible to have site links. Therefore, according to our successful experiences and many other peers’ success, we conclude several suggestions to help readers get Google SiteLinks for their WordPress websites.

Google SiteLinks

Getting Backlinks

Backlinks matter a lot when concerning getting site links. So, you may wonder about how to get backlinks? Don’t worry, we are going to introduce some useful and easy ways to handle the process. Firstly, trade backlinks with other similar websites, which means you add one link pointed to the cooperated site and in return, they give you one.

Secondly, you can seek guest blogging opportunities and be a guest writer on other websites. Then, when writing guest blogs, you can add backlinks to your websites. There are also many other useful methods like adding backlinks in post content and becoming active in social network to get backlinks.

Avoiding Broken Links

Broken LinksIt is known to all that website with broken links will be punished by search engines, especially for Google. Besides, broken links also pose damages to your website reputation if people click them but cannot get through. Thus, trying to avoid broken links is a necessary premise to get site links. Considering checking bad links manually is a waste of time, we recommend all webmasters to do it with the help of quality broken link checkers.

Ensuring Your Website with Good Structure

If your website is well structured, it will be easier for Google crawlers to navigate. You can start from choosing a suitable and premium theme. Then, classify your posts or pages into different category, according to which you build different sections to put those categories.

For example, you own a website that aims to introduce knowledge related to WordPress. There are a lot of posts about themes, plugins, tutorial, WordPress hosting, as well as WordPress news; then, you need to build sections on your homepage according to the classification.

Boosting Page SEO

SEOGoogle SiteLinks list out popular posts with high click through rate beneath the main search result. Therefore, the premise is that your site has enough posts that can be regarded as popular in the eyes of Google algorithm. The best solution to increase the popularity of posts is to boost website SEO. In this regard, you can utilize Google Webmaster Tool, Ping Services, SEO plugins, and many other methods to get a high ranking place in search engines.

Writing Quality Content

Creating quality content is the basic of developing a website, which can not only increase chances for getting site links, but also can benefit the development of the whole website in the long run. There are several criteria to evaluate whether post content is good. Firstly, the content need to be meaningful and readable, which means you need to write things that are attractive and without any improper usage of words and grammar mistakes.

Besides, the contents need to be original without any copy ideas. Only in this way, people can feel fresh air in your website. Furthermore, web page design is also an important part of quality content. Of course, the listed points don’t contain all the aspect to create quality content; if you want to know more information, please read this article.

Using Good Title Tags

To put it simple, title tag is a way to classify posts and pages and often shows the main idea of the content. It is one of the evidences for search engines to discover articles. Thus, a good title tag can help to accelerate the process to get site links. However, what kind of tags is effective and remarkable? It should have proper length, contain keywords, be a high enrichment of the content, as well as include the brand name.


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