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How to Get Google Authorship Verified for WordPress Blogs?

How to Get Google Authorship Verified for WordPress Blogs?

Do you want to show your face in search result page? Do you want to build your authority and credibility via website? You can do all these by verifying Google authorship markup for websites or blogs in search result page. In the following, we just introduce the detailed guidelines one-by-one so that even a website beginner can successfully get his/her Google authorship verified.

About Google Authorship

Google authorship is a solution that Google comes to connect the content with its author’s Google Plus profile. It’s hard to explain what is it exactly with words, but you may have seen its presentation like the following.

Google authorship snippet

Just as the above shows, Google pulls a headshot, author name, and the number of her/his Google+ followers, and incorporate these into the search results if she/he has established the Google authorship for the website already.

In addition to rich information presented in the search result, it comes with plenty of benefits, such as:

  • A positive effect on click through rates (CTR) to your site from Google search results page.
  • Build your authority and credibility by displaying your picture and name on the search results.
  • Help readers discover your other content on the internet.
  • Empower visitors to engage with content author through Google+.
  • Improve your Google+ followers through your content.

There is no doubt that Google authorship is both good for your G+ account as well as your website. So just start at once!

Get Google Authorship Verified

First of all, make sure you have a Google+ account to claim authorship already, or you can go to https://plus.google.com/ to sign up. Then, backup your website manually so that you can easily restore it at any time needed.

Step 1. Link From Google+ Profile Page to WordPress Site

In order to tell Google that you are the author of your website, it’s neccessary to link your Google profile page to the website to create a reciprocal connection.

Simply, you can complete this by using the rel=”author” tag. You can insert it into your theme’s Header section. Go to Appearance -> Editor, and you can find the tag within the hearder.php file. Take use of the following code and remember to replace the URL with your profile link.

<link rel="author" href="https://plus.google.com/111599818756142119126/posts" />

header code

Step 2. Link to WordPress Site from Google+ Profile Page

At present, you can complete the connection on Google+ profile page. Login into your Google+ account, go to About Page, and you can see the Links section as the following.

Link Section

Click Edit link and add your website to the “Contributor to” list.

Step 3. Test the Google Authorship Connection

Now, you have done everything! In accordance with the theory, Google will spot the rel=”author” tag and be able to verify your authorship when the next time it re-crawls your webpages. So, just test it in practice.

Copy the link of the pages/posts in Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Then you can preview the search results as the following.

test Google authorship connection


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