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GoDaddy Promotion 2017 – GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Promotion Revealed

GoDaddy Promotion 2017 – GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Promotion Revealed

GoDaddy has announced GoDaddy promotion 2017 for 50% off the WordPress hosting solutions, starting at $4.99/mo instead of the regular price $9.99/mo. Going with GoDaddy promotion 2017 now, you can get GoDaddy Economy 3 years plan for only $179.64, instead of paying for original $359.64.

GoDaddy Promotion 2017 – Not Cost Effective

WordPress HostingThe price of GoDaddy promotion starting at $4.99/mo looks affordable; however, it is very expensive actually. The GoDaddy promotion price is just available for GoDaddy Economy 3 years plan, if you choose shorter billing cycle, you will have no access to GoDaddy promotion and pay more expensive price, but the price of Economy 3 months plan is high to $9.99/mo.

Besides, the Economy plan feature is limited, just allowing 1 domain on 1 account, providing 100 GB disk space and 100 MB Email storage, and only supporting PHP. It is too basic, and just suitable for single personal sites with a little traffics. If you want to have multiple sites on 1 account or your site has heavy website traffics, you need to pay more money to upgrade your plan.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans are very common, with general reliability and performance. If you really want to follow GoDaddy promotion for a hosting solution, we suggest you avoid the Economy plan. In fact, we recommend you going with BlueHost – a reliable WordPress hosting provider.

GoDaddy Promotion 2017 – Recommend BlueHost

BlueHostBlueHost is a popular Linux based shared hosting provider founded in 1996. Focusing on three upgradeable plans for over sixteen years, BlueHost is the most experienced WordPress hosting provider. For its excellent WordPress hosting service, BlueHost has already been recommended by WordPress.org and trusted by millions of customers. Heretofore, BlueHost hosting for WordPress has been serving for over 1 million WordPress clients and it continues developing rapid with more than 10,000 new buyers increased.

1. BlueHost price is more affordable

If you go with GoDaddy promotion is just for a cheap price, going with BlueHost coupon is a better choice that BlueHost is more affordable than GoDaddy. Compared to GoDaddy promotion 50% off the original price, BlueHost coupon provides 63% discount that you are able to get BlueHost WordPress hosting for only $2.95/mo.

In addition, you can get 1 free domain which GoDaddy charges $12/yr, $100 free Google AdWords credits, free site builder, and 1000+ free website templates.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Promotion

2. BlueHost feature is richer

Compared to GoDaddy WordPress hosting has a different level plans, and every plan is limited that you must spend more money for more features, BlueHost WordPress hosting just has single plan which has rich features.

The feature comparison of BlueHost and GoDaddy is in below:

Feature BlueHost GoDaddy GoDaddy
Plan in Comparison Plus Economy Deluxe
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Sites Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited 25 400
PHP Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
MySQL DBs Unlimited 10 x 1 GB 25 x 1 GB
Perl Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP 0 0 0
PostgreSQL Yes No No
SSL Certificate No No No
  Go BlueHost NOT Recommended NOT Recommended

3. BlueHost performance is more excellent

Unlike GoDaddy WordPress hosting service is mediocre, BlueHost has an excellent performance on WordPress. Owning 3 dedicated data centers which has invested more than 20 million USD, BlueHost has built robust infrastructure to ensure the hosting sites run well.

With 100% Dell Servers and solid networks, BlueHost keeps the WordPress sites loading fast. As we monitored, GoDaddy server response time is nearly 0.78s but BlueHost server response time is just about 0.32s. In comparison, BlueHost is 145% faster than GoDaddy.

4. BlueHost support is more professional

BlueHost provides 24×7 professional customer services via phone, chat and Email. All supports are handled by US native staffs, and all staffs are well trained, knowledgeable, and solving problems effectively. In addition to the direct support, you can also get helps from the online Help Center where you can watch video tutorials or ask a question on the user forum.

Besides, with quality hosting service, BlueHost is confident enough to provide ANYTIME refund Guarantee. You are able to ask your money back anytime if you are not pleased with WordPress hosting service offered by BlueHost, and your purchase will be really risk-freely, total guarantee!

You can read more by visiting http://www.bluehost.com/cgi/info/wordpress

BlueHost WordPress Hosting


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