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GoDaddy and Microsoft Partner on Email and Cloud Productivity for Small Business

GoDaddy and Microsoft Partner on Email and Cloud Productivity for Small Business

cooperationAs one of the popular and trustworthy web hosts, GoDaddy spars no efforts to provide unmatchable hosting service for its customers. Now, this company develops extensive cooperation with Microsoft, thus, all the customers of this company can benefit a lot, especially the small businesses.

Three custom Microsoft products are provided: Email Essentials, Business Essentials and Productivity Plus. With these cutting-edge products, managing small business website can’t be easier any more.

Email Essentials is a domain-based email and storage offering, which is new to the market and is priced at $3.99/mo. In order to simplify the installation process, this company also provides a 1-click installer for it.

Business EssentialsBusiness Essentials means office in the cloud. According to Steven Aldrich, the vice president of GoDaddy Business Applications, this tool is easy-to-install and easy-to-use. He also said that it offers all of the office web apps, 50GB of email storage, and 25GB of storage with SkyDrive.

Productivity Plus is a desk office designed for small businesses. Products like Outlook, Lync, and PowerPoint are included in it.

Business WebsitesAmong the three products, Email Essentials and Business Essentials can enjoy 24/7 technical support from GoDaddy. It is obvious that the cooperation aims at providing benefits for small business websites. The company puts much importance on this kind of customers, for they take up a large portion of all 12 million webmasters.

“When we think about our future the vision for the company is to help small businesses compete. How do we tilt the global economy so that the playing field favors the small business person? For us that means how do we make life simple for the small businesses so that they can go back to what they love to do which is serve their customers well,” Aldrich said. He also explains the reason for doing this: most small business websites do not have full-time IT experts, thus simple and fascinating applications can make their life better.


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