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GoDaddy Managed Hosting Review

GoDaddy Managed Hosting Review

As shared web hosting service is only suitable for small websites, many fast-growing sites are inclined to choose a Dedicated plan. Compared with unmanaged plans, managed ones are more popular becasue of its easy-to-use features, little-to-no server knowledge requirement, and responsive after-sale service. Following this trend, GoDaddy releases its managed plan.

However, for those who wanna have a try about its managed plan, they may be perplexed about its cost-effectiveness. In order to eliminate webmasters’ confusion, we comprehensively reviewed GoDaddy managed server plan based on reputation, affordability, features, hosting performance, and technical support.

Company Reputation

GoDaddy is one of the oldest companies providing hosting service. Till now, it has more than 12 million customers around the world. The company offers multiple packages for customers to choose according to their needs and preference, coming with a large number of world-class technologies and top-notch service.

In order to give an objective evaluation of GoDaddy, we have collected many customer reviews all around the world and make an overall rating chart in below. The customer satisfaction rate is everything but not excellent because of the unaffordable price and complaints of slowness. You can check more detailed reviews on this vote page.


The company provides managed hosting service for both CentOS and Windows operating systems, each of which comes with 6 plans. On average, CentOS plan is $20/mo cheaper than Windows plan. The cheapest package is named as Economy plan that is starting at $264.80/mo for 3 months and 6 months subscription.

To be honest, the price is not affordable at all when out there, many companies offer managed web hosting about $100/mo to $150/mo. In order to make the reading intuitive and easy-to-understand, we have made a price table in below. Read it for more information about packages and prices.

Plan CentOS Windows
Economy $244.99/mo $254.99/mo
Dulexe $314.99/mo $334.99/mo
Premium $384.99/mo $384.99/mo
Value Deal $284.99/mo $314.99/mo
Power Player $344.99/mo $364.99/mo
Memory Hog $399.97/mo $419.97/mo
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GoDaddy managed hosting plans are rich featured with Linux CentOS 64-Bit or Windows 2012 Std 64-Bit, Intel Core i3, i5, or i7, 3 dedicated IPs, FTP access, control panel installation, DNS setup, domain name setup, and SSL Certificate setup.

There are also many features for web experts to confabulate their servers, such as 3rd-party web-based software or add-on module to the control panel, free diagnosis, database assistance, as data import/export, PHP/ASP modules, and dedicated and VPS password resets. Read the following image to know more information.

Goddady Managed Hosting Features

Hosting Performance

PerformancePerformance is the first concern of most webmasters when choosing a hosting service. It decides whether a website can perform well or not. Thus, performance is the most essential component to judge whether a hosting company is reliable or not. We have reviewed GoDaddy performance in regard to its uptime and page loading speed.

  • Uptime – As many hosting providers do, GoDaddy takes uptime seriously and invests a large sum of money in infrastructure construction. It purchases quality servers and puts them in the stat-of-the-art data centers separately. All of them come with word-class cooling systems and continuously power supply.
  • Speed – Page loading speed is also of high importance. For purpose of giving reliable and objective conclusion of its speed, we have carried out a performing testing with two newly-built websites hosted by GoDaddy. After a month, the average response time of the server of this company reaches a good result that is less than a minute.

Customer Service

GoDaddy builds up a technique support team composing of highly experienced and knowledgeable staffs who are available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. People can get help through toll free phone call and email. Besides, there are knowledgebase, tutorials, as well as forums ready to be consulted. However, it fails to offer live chat, which may cause inconvenience for those who cannot speak fluent English but need instant help.


According to a thorough and comprehensive review, undoubtedly, GoDaddy is a trustworthy and reliable manage hosting provider. However, when it comes to price, speed, and customer service, it is not an ideal choice. Under this condition, we carefully choose three alternatives to GoDaddy.

All these chosen managed dedicated hosting plans come with budget-friendly price, rich feature, excellent performance, as well as responsive customer service. Read the table below to get detailed information.


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