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How to Enable the Get Shortlink Button in WordPress

How to Enable the Get Shortlink Button in WordPress

The developing team of WordPress constantly makes the update for this script for the better security and usage. Among all the minor and major upgrades, we have found that the changes made for the version of 4.4 are in the effort to clean up the overall interface. In this case, if you upgrade your WordPress script to this version or beyond, you can find that the Get Shortlink button is already hidden. This time, as some people want to restore this button, we have introduced how to bring back the Get Shortlink button in WordPress.

In fact, besides the Get Shortlink button, the View Post button is also removed. The latter one is really a redundant button. After all, you can view the blog post by clicking the permalink only. However, the Get Shortlink button is useful in some cases. If you want to use it again, you can check the following content.

What the Get Shortlink Button Is

In fact, the short link is usually used for the content sharing on the social media platforms. After all, the full post URLs, especially the lengthy ones, can hardly be displayed in these platforms due to the page design. In this case, you need the URL shortener to shorten the links.

Surely, you can use some online tools for achieving this goal, such as TinyURL and bit.ly. With them, you can generate the custom short URL for your domain and the blog posts.

However, things can be much better with the Get Shortlink button. It appears next to the Edit button for your post permalink. After clicking it, you can shorten the link automatically. Frankly speaking, the short link is pretty useful for the social media sharing, along with the tracking and the analyzing purposes.

Get Shortlink Button

Get Shortlink Button in WordPress Using Plugins

Here, if you only want to bring this special button back to your WordPress editor, you simply need to install the Bring Back Get Shortlink plugin. Without any further settings needed, the Get Shortlink button can appear automatically.

However, if you are looking for the more freedom of shortening your post links, we recommend the Short URL plugin. With it, you can easily configure the following aspects.

  • The total length of your short link
  • Whether to enter a prefix with a static word
  • The characters for your short link

Decide the Parameters of the Short Link

Now, you should click the SL Plugins > Short URL button. Here, you can find a lot of tabs from the navigation bar. And you need to hit the Parameters option to decide a few critical settings.

Parameters of Short Link

  • You can enable the lower-case characters, the upper-case characters and the numeric characters for the links.
  • You can enter a specific prefix before the short URL.
  • You can determine the length of the short URL without counting the prefix.
  • You can choose the types of your contents that can apply to the Get Shortlink button.
  • You can customize all the short links by removing “www” and changing the root URL.

Customize the Short Links One By One

Now, you can click the Internal Redirections button to customize your short links one by one. Here, you can find all the links that are shortened by the Get Shortlink button. If you are not satisfied, you can click the Reset or the Edit button to manually customize the link.

Internal Redirections


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