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How to Find My Facebook ID Number for Post, User and Fan Page

How to Find My Facebook ID Number for Post, User and Fan Page

Facebook ID is the only numeric value indicating your Facebook identification. For example, the user ID is used to uniquely identify the difference between you and other users while the post ID is used to distinguish a specific post on Facebook. And this time, we are going to fix your confusion of how to get Facebook ID number.

In general, we pay little attention to the Facebook ID and hard to find it because it has been overwritten with the username, looking like http://www.facebook.com/whatswp. However, sometimes we do need it for some specific reasons, such as for integrating Facebook Like Button and Like Box. To help readers make the process easily and quickly, we sum up several methods to get Facebook ID number for posts, users and fan pages.

Get Facebook User ID

facebookWhen you sign up a Facebook account at first, it assigns you with a unique ID number that helps the network and others to recognize your uniqueness. Well, when you create a custom username for the account, the network overwrites your profile URL and includes the username as a part of address.

You need the Facebook token when installing a Facebook plugin on the site or building a Facebook application. However, it’s hard to find the user ID as the profile URL always looks like https://www.facebook.com/MyUsername. Don’t worry. Follow with the below 3 methods, you can easily get your Facebook profile ID within 1 minute.

Use Facebook User ID Finder

To make the process easier and quicker, some developers create an effective application for finding Facebook User ID. Form various of choices, Find My Facebook ID is an excellent one that allows you to lookup numeric ID by entering the personal Facebook profile URL. Go to the site and you can see a text field, where you can simply paste into the profile URL and submit it.

Find My Facebook ID Interface

Once found, it presents you the ID number on the next screen. For example, the below screenshot showcase the numeric ID of WhatsWP.

Facebook ID showcase

By this way, you can get your own profile ID or other users’ ID.

Here, we need to mention that the personal profile URL can be got when you hit on the name of your Facebook account in the upper left area of the homepage. Generally, the URL looks like as the following examples.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AccountName
  • https://m.facebook.com/account.name
  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=123456789

Get Facebook User ID with Graphic API

In order to get the user ID, you can go to get your profile link and instead the subdomain “www” with “graphic”. For example, as our profile URL is https://www.facebook.com/whatswp, we can change it like https://graph.facebook.com/whatswp. Paste this link into browser address bar and turn to the page, you can get the result like the below screenshot, from which you can find the User ID in the first line.

Get Facebook User ID form Link

Get Facebook User ID by Editing Profile

Before to start the steps, you need to note that this method is only valid for getting your own Facebook user ID, but not available for others. By simply editing your profile, you can easily find the User ID in the browser address bar.

Get Facebook User ID by Editing Profile

Get Facebook Page ID

The Facebook Page ID is a unique numeric value that identifies itself in the Facebook database. To install some Facebook apps, you are required to enter the page ID to get the only authorized. To get it, you can follow the below steps.

To find your own Page ID, you can easily get it by editing the Page. Mouse over the Page you want to get its ID, then it appears on Edit icon on the left side, then click on it to edit your page.

In the next, click on Settings on the top menu bar and you can see a list of options. Click on Page Info and find the Facebook Page ID on the bottom of right list, which is what you find.

Get Facebook Page ID

If you want to get the Facebook ID of others’ page, you can paste the page link into a Find My Facebook ID Finder or change the “www” as “grapic” simply. Generally, the operation is just as that of finding Facebook user ID above.

Get Facebook Post ID

If you read an interesting and meaningful post on Facebook and want to embed it into WordPress website, then you need to get the Post ID. The process is quite easy and you can simply achieve it with few clicks.

Click on the Time and Data link under the username, you will be linked to the Post page. At present, you can easily select the Post ID from the page URL, looking like the below screenshot.

facebook post id


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