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Genesis Framework Review – Is a Good Option for Your WordPress Site

Genesis Framework Review – Is a Good Option for Your WordPress Site

For those who have used WordPress for a length of time, the technology of Genesis framework may not be a stranger. This framework is used for the building of WordPress sites and themes. Due to the great features and the simplicity nature, it has been used by many WordPress users online.

In the following, we have made a comprehensive Genesis Framework review, with which you can know exactly what it is, why you need it, and what benefits it can bring to you.

What is Genesis Framework?

The genesis framework is the foundation for building impeccable WordPress sites, and can be used by novices as well as the experienced developers. It provides users with an SEO optimized and secure interface or foundation that makes it quick and easy to create a site.

The framework that has been developed by StudioPress offers many options and features to the developers. With it, you can develop a three-column website, have both the right and the left sidebar, create a custom header, and many more.

Why Genesis Framework?

In this genesis framework review, we will look at the reasons why this framework is a choice for many website developers and why you should use it.

The Framework is Well Coded and well Supported

The StudioPress maintained framework is consistently updated to ensure that it is compatible with the new WordPress versions and stays at the forefront of the best coding practices.

You do not have to worry about any updates and whether they will harm your site, as everything is taken care of by the StudioPress team. If you have issues with the framework, you will get instant support either by opening a support ticket on StudioPress or starting a thread on their support forums. The dedication of the team is one of the reasons genesis have thrived.

Updates Do Not Mean Losing Customizations

child themeMany webmasters are afraid of update as they picture this as a way to lose all their customizations. However, it is different with Genesis, for this framework presents you with the creation of a child theme.

The child theme can override your parent themes. This way, you can maintain your customizations made on child themes as the updates can only take actions on the parent templates.

Genesis is Inexpensive

It is common to pay yearly or monthly fees for updates of many frameworks. For genesis, you will only need to pay a one-off fee of $60, and you have the framework forever. The child themes are available at $20-$50, or you may also decide to get the Developer Pro Pack, which is available for only $400. The Pro Pack gives the developer access to more than 60 child themes and also access to future child themes. Every purchase will come with a developer license as a plus.

This means that with only $80 you have both the framework and child themes, and you do not have to spend any other money unless you want to. The developer license gives you the authority to re-use the framework and theme in as many sites as you like.

Great Functionality and Endless Possibilities

Genesis FunctionalityGenesis is a framework that brings the developers imagination to reality. The framework enables you to add a widget at the bottom of the post, put a slider on the homepage and many more. Each of the features that you see on the framework can be configured, moved, deleted or changed to give the site the exact look that you want.

Genesis framework, compared to other frameworks like Weaver II Pro, is a challenge to use. However, there are lots of resources online or from the StudioPress website. You can get step by step tutorials on how to do customizations with ease. Moreover, you can also choose from 60 supported child themes and get the one that does not need any tweaking.

Great Plugins and Many Features

There are lots of features that even this Genesis Framework review cannot finish. From mobile responsive themes to inbuilt settings for SEO, you will enjoy all features you dream of. Visit StudioPress to see more features.

Besides the great features, a number of Genesis framework plugins exists to better refine the features and support your website.


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