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Steps to Start Freelance Business in WordPress

Steps to Start Freelance Business in WordPress

Being a freelancer has become a trend for most people. By doing so, you can start working whenever and wherever, work at home without the long commuting time to go from your apartment to the office, watch your loved episodes or shows between each project and travel around the world without the need to wait for the yearly vacation. You just start your own business with a much high level of working freedom. So, do you want to become a professional freelancer coming with massive chances to earn money? Here, we have listed some steps about how to start freelance business in WordPress.

Determine the Goal and Idea for the Freelance Business

Firstly, you need to figure out what business you are going to establish and launch. This needs to be based on your early working experiences, knowledge, market demands and passions. It is true that you’d better do what you like and are interested in. However, if you do not have enough skills and knowledge of your preferred field, you’d better stop your freelance business until you become an expert.

Here, for the freelance business in WordPress, you can consider the below options.

  • Develop the themes and plugins of WordPress that come with different designs and functions.
  • Become a WordPress blogger to start some successful websites with the advertisement purpose.
  • Offer the paid support and consultancy for WordPress.
  • Sell the hosting solution of WordPress.
  • Offer the SEO services for WordPress powered sites exclusively.
  • Provide the paid service to fix WordPress errors.

Freelance Business

Come Out the Business Plan

In addition to the business goal, you also need to come out a plan after evaluating your working capabilities, such as how many clients you can handle for each week or each month, how often you can work in the full time and whether to outsource some tasks. Even, you should consider how much to earn with a view to living the way you prefer.

With all of these results in mind, now, you can write down your plans – both the short-term one and the long-term one. Note that this can help you keep focused and stay on top of your freelance business even if you are likely to quite. If you do not know how to come out the plan, you can consider the aspects of financial expectations, working schedule, target clients and marketing strategies.

Show Your Expertise and Information Online

Now, you need to showcase what you are good at to your potential clients. This way, people can check your portfolios, services or products and customer feedbacks. Once they are interested in your offering, they can contact you easily and make orders finally.

This can be done via an online platform. Some of you may choose the existing platforms such as Freelancer.com to seek for the freelance job. However, as you are going to start a freelance business in WordPress, you’d better leverage the WordPress script to set up your own platform.

Personally, the installation of WordPress and the starting of WordPress site are pretty easy. This may take you no more than 5 minutes even if you are new to this tool. However, the hard part is the front-end content of your freelance site.

Design the Front-End

Firstly, you need to choose a business-style template to give your clients a feeling of professionalism. Try to avoid some colorful template and choose the light color scheme. In addition, you have to introduce you in a comprehensive way, such as your education experiences, previous companies, finished projects and the most importantly, the scope of your business.

It seems that you are going to make an online resume, but you should add much more attraction.

Online Resume

Besides these basic elements, you also need to display a “Contact Us” page that offers the ways to contact you and the channels to get the technical support. Surely, you need to show your contact emails and phone number. Besides, to ensure a professional support system via ticket, you can consider the WP Ticket plugin, with which people can open a ticket to ask for assistance.

Open a Ticket

You can check the ticket information in the back-end and change the status among the options of Closed, In Progress and Open for the better management.

Ticket Status

In addition, you can open the comment section so that clients can know how you will serve them by checking the feedbacks and opinions of your previous customers. Besides, you can display the rotating testimonial to give people more confidence on the quality of your services and products.

Focus on the Back-end Project Management and Invoices

To run a freelance business successfully, you have to manage all your finished and current projects in a systematic manner. This way, you can easily evaluate your working capability and profits earned, thus, can better adjust your working plan.

To achieve this, you can consider the Simple Project Manager plugin. The settings page of this plugin requires you to introduce something about your business, such as the company name, physical address, contact email, website URL, mobile number and your customized logo.

In addition, this plugin already creates 2 invoice templates, so you need to choose one, and then, determine the default currency along with the display location.

Here, you also should enter the VAT value that is the rate for your products and services. Note that the standard rate is around 20%.

Project Settings Page

Add Your Clients and Projects

Once people place an order from the front-end, you can create a client firstly in the back-end. You simply need to press the Add Client button and enter the client name in the editing page. Optionally, you can also offer the introductory information.

In the meta box of Personal Information, you need to enter the name, email, phone and address of this client. Note that if this client is the user of your WordPress site, you can associate he/she with the existing WordPress account. This way, these fields of basic information will be entered automatically.

In addition, if possible, you can also enter his/her Skype, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Client Information

Now, you can publish the client information that is only visible to you. And then, you can create the project that is ordered by this client after clicking the Add Project button. Here, you need to offer the name and introduction of it. In the below Project Infos meta box, you need to enter the estimated value you are bound to earn from this project, the project notes that are private to you or are public to your client, the associated client, the starting and ending dates, as well as the status, progress and priority of the project.

Project Infos

It is possible that you want to refine the project to some minor tasks. For this, you should click the Add Task button. After entering the task information, you need to associate it with the right project, enter the start and due dates and decide the task status. If possible, you can also upload some required files.

Task Infos

Add the Invoice

This plugin includes the default invoice function. After clicking the Add Invoice button, you can give it a title and the invoice notes firstly. After that, you should enter the status of Unpaid, Overdue and Cancelled, as well as the date to be paid or is already paid. Here, do not forget to choose the client and project to be related to this invoice.

In addition, you can add the detailed items and services offered by you into this invoice. Here, you simply need to click the Add New Item button, and then, enter the item name, price and quantity. If there is a discount, you can enter the corresponding value. The currency, currency position and VAT are configured in the settings page, so you will not be bothered again.

Next, you can click the Generate Invoice button to have a preview of it or click the Download Invoice in the PDF format for email sending.

Add Invoice Item

If you have multiple clients and want to know who haven’t paid the bill, you can go to the Clients page, from which you can get a detailed display for the ordered projects and invoice status of these people.

Client Page

Even, you can click the Reports button to have a clear impress of how many projects and tasks you have finished, along with how many income you have generated.

Reports Page

After checking these statistics, you can further modify your business plan and marketing strategies to maximize the profits.


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