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Free WordPress Themes: Why You Should Not Use Them for Business Websites?

Free WordPress Themes: Why You Should Not Use Them for Business Websites?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems welcomed for the free of charge. For saving money, many people think it’s a perfect choice to use free WordPress themes. However, there is no free lunch in the real world. For business websites, we suggest you never utilize free WordPress themes as they always comes with security issues, forced links and advertisements, and no technical support.

By contrast, we recommend you choosing really beautiful and quality themes from reliable WordPress theme providers. Or they can go with BlueHost WordPress hosting which provides fast and reliable web hosting services along with 1000+ free templates.

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In below, we explain the main reasons why you should not use free WordPress themes for business websites. At the end of this post, you can learn about the truth behind free, and understand that actually the free one is the most expensive one.

Security Issues

WordPress theme plays an important role in website security. However, security issues are the top concern of free WordPress themes. Among them, the malicious code and bundled plug-ins are always the greatest threats.

The free WordPress theme providers know that there is a certain segment of customers that cannot resist “free things”, so they are free to add malicious code to bind plugins with the free themes. Once you download and use the free theme, you have to install their plugins or share some of your personal information to them.

This is very dangerous because too many plugins slow down your websites, and malicious code may break down your server. However, for business websites, you know that a mere 1-second delay in your site’s page load speed can cause a 7% decrease in your conversion rate, 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction and 11% fewer page views. As a result, this will cause your business a terrible effect.

Forced Links and Advertisements

Do you think free WordPress theme is really for free? A common money making scheme for theme designers or developers is to sell image ads or links in the header or footer of free themes. Besides, many times these links are protected by code so if you remove them will destroy the integrity of your theme.

For business websites, you always need to promote your products or services on the striking position. Instead of buying advertising position on other sites, you can take fully use of your website, or you can just sell ads to make money. However, these good wishes cannot be realized with free WordPress themes.

Cost Much Time to Manage

The free WordPress themes always come with general designs and layouts. But if you want to change it to suitable for a specific website, it may cost you much time to configure and customize. Running a business, time is money.

Instead of spending a lot of time to customize your website theme, we sincerely suggest you purchasing a premium WordPress theme which includes all features and design you desire, and then devoting the rest time to your business. We believe that you can earn much more money than the cost of a theme.

No Technical Support

In most cases, the free WordPress theme providers don’t offer any technical support. They just devote to get as many installs as possible, and then they move to the next. So you may take a long time to download a theme that looks good but cannot install it properly on your website. That’s really exasperating and time-wasting.

Sometimes, if you want to get helps from a developer or support staff, you need to pay for the premium support or upgrade to the premium plan which is charged even more expensive than common themes. However, all the troubles wouldn’t happen if you purchase a premium theme or find someone to design a custom work for your website at the beginning.


Considering the potential threats above, we suggest you never utilize a free WordPress theme for a business website. By comparison, we recommend you purchasing a premium WordPress theme from reliable providers like Elegant Themes, which provides 86+ stylish themes for only $39.

However, for some individuals who really want to use free WordPress theme or particularly budget-limited, we suggest them going with the free themes which have reviewed by professional editors already.


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