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How to Formulate Posting Schedule Properly

How to Formulate Posting Schedule Properly

If you have set up a personal site for more than one week, then the idea of how to keep it updated in a consistent and effective way might bother you at one time. After all, good post timing has a huge impact on the readability, reliability, and traffic of your website.

As investigated, almost very successful webmasters who have a popular website or blog generally formulate posting schedule properly behind the scenes. However, the challenge is that most of our readers, especially newbies, have never been taught about this basic technique. If you are the one who need related training, check this post and figure out our useful tips showed in the following.

Judge Your Ability Objectively

abilityThis is the first point that you have to take into consideration. In order to complete a post, you typically need to do a lot of preparatory tasks, which include topic selection, keyword searching, image optimization, and related material sourcing. Then, you may take minutes, hours, or even days to write and check this post. To be honest, depending on personal abilities and levels of expertise, the time needed to finish all of these steps varies significantly.

In this circumstance, simply sit down and think about your average speed of completing an article, and then make a plan accordingly. Note that it is not a shame of publishing a post once a week. The key is that you must guarantee a good content quality.

It is usually a good idea to add 2 or 3 posts to make your website stay fresh, and this is an easy task for even beginners who require at least 5 hours finishing one article that contain an average of 400 – 500 words.

Figure Out Your Goals

goalPeople generally have 2 goals when setting up a website: for business or for personal interests. If you are posting for your online business, then you’d better publish at least once day. After all, you have to remind people about your products or services uninterruptedly, and announce the latest news and information happened.

However, if your website is a personal one, it will be a disaster to update too frequently, for you may overwhelm your readers. Once you do this, people may leave and unsubscribe your site immediately as no one wants to keep up with too many items at one time. Besides, it is difficult even for professional writers to make a perfect combination of tremendous output and high quality.

People don’t unsubscribed from your website because you don’t update today or this week, but might leave you because you are stretching for meaningless content.

Check Your Best Post Timing

Without doubt, the post timing is one of the most essential ingredients of your schedule. If you always publish in a wrong time, then you can never reach the good traffic and popularity. For instance, if you generally have a lot of page views during Wednesday mid-night, then you’d better update your website during this time period.

To get the statistics, we highly recommend Google Analytics, with which you can figure out the best days and the best hours for your posts.

Google Analytics

Schedule with WordPress Plugins

Always remember that your website is open to the whole world. Due to the existence of jet lag, you might be unable to publish at the best timing even if you have already finished a quality article. In this situation, you can leverage the power of some useful WordPress plugins like WP Scheduled Posts, which publish any of your scheduled posts at the right time.

WP Scheduled Posts

Experiment and Refine

After finishing all the steps mentioned above, you can come up a schedule sketch. Then, just execute this plan and refine it unceasingly until you find the best plan. Note that the schedule is for you, but not for anyone else, so all the experiments and testing need to be based on your real situation.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.