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How to Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error

How to Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error

Endless setbacks are ahead of you to run a successful WordPress site. WordPress failed to open steam error is one of them which might happen to your hosting journey. Most often, the error will be so informative that you will have some idea of where it occurs. But it can still be source of pain for you, a beginner user who will have trouble understanding it. Given that, here we provide useful solutions to fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream error.

What Causes WordPress Failed to Open Stream?

There is the need to figure out why ‘Failed to open stream’ error occurs. Then you will have the ability to better deal with the error according to the causes. This can avoid a waste of time and energy.

As a whole, the occurrence of the error results in the failure to load the file shown in website code. There are some instances where you will receive a warning message. This happens when WordPress doesn’t stop the steps to load your website. Also, WordPress is likely to tell the bad news that your WordPress site have encountered a fatal error. This happens when WordPress stops loading your site.

The error message is according to where the error occurs. From the clues, you will learn what needs to be fixed. Below are the typical examples of how the message looks like.

Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error - Typical Example

Also, there is a possibility that you will receive such a message as mentioned in below.

Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error - Another Example

Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error

More than one reasons can be responsible for the error, such as, no such file or directory, permission denied, failed opening required, etc. What comes after each reason will be the failed to pen stream error. Anyhow, you should do what you need to do on a case-by-case basis to get the error fixed.

‘no such file or directory’ in the error message will also come along with the specific file which is causing the error. You have the need to find the file from the code.

The file can come from a theme or plugin. This is might because you have deleted the theme/plugin file or failed to install the theme/plugin correctly. Under this circumstance, you are required to deactivate and reinstall the mentioned theme/plugin.

Another possibility is that WordPress cannot locate such files because .htaccess file is missing from the root folder. This requires you to regenerate the .htaccess file. This can be done with a click on the ‘Save Changes’ button in the Settings > Permalinks page.

Fix the WordPress Failed to Open Stream Error - Save Changes

Things are different when your error message contains ‘Permission denied’. That is, WordPress cannot access the file or directory in question due to the wrong permission. In this case, you have the need to learn how to fix WordPress file and folder permissions error.

‘failed opening required’ might be another reason for the error. Some WordPress plugins work with third-parties to load scripts. Google Analytics can be the best explanation for that. Then the authentication failure or changed access method can be a fountainhead of the error. Here you have the need to get assistance from the plugin developer. Then the error might be fixed with the help of technicians.

If the above solutions cannot work, you need to troubleshoot the error on your own. In fact, we have listed out the most common WordPress errors for your convenience to find the solution.


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