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How to Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress

How to Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress

Additional information can be added to your posts and pages with the advance WordPress feature – custom fields. But they fail to show on your post editor, which might be an issue you face now. Everything seems to work as usual but what’s wrong with your custom fields. This article, written by our experienced editors, comes with a detailed guidance on how to fix custom filed not showing in WordPress.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields can be a part of WordPress pages, posts, or custom content type: Rating for a product, music, or anything else. By default, two different areas, one is post editor and the other is metadata, are used for your content. Post editor is an area for the body while metadata is about particular content, such as, date and time, author name, etc.

In addition to the default metadata, WordPress provides the freedom to store custom post metadata with the use of custom fields. The Yoast SEO plugin is a typical example using custom fields.

Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress - Yoast SEO Plugin

Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress

When editing a post or after updating your WordPress, you might wonder why custom fields are gone from your WordPress site. Especially, beginners will have the trouble finding the custom fields option. Take it easy, because things are much easier than imagined.

There was a time when custom fields remained visible on the post edit screen. With the passage of time, however, WordPress believes it is better to hide this advance feature for new users. Also, WordPress does allow all the users to make custom fields visible within few clicks.

WordPress has a ‘Screen Options’ button which is at the top right corner of the post screen. With a click on that, users will have the options to disable or enable some sections, such as, categories, tags, featured images, custom fields, and many more options.

Note: Under the default text editor will also include the options your themes and plugins come along with.

Among the options, the Custom Fields section is likely to remain unchecked. This is the top reason why custom fields fail to show on the post editor screen. Thus the box next to ‘Custom Fields’ should be checked to enable the function.

Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress - Screen Options

It is appreciated that you have fixed custom fields not showing in WordPress without taking much time and energy. To be honest, the error can be fixed in a super easy way.

Now, you have the freedom to add extra metadata in the Custom Fields section. This can be down below your post editor.

Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress - Custom Fields Section

No Custom Fields Option?

Under normal circumstances, the custom fields option can be found from the screen options. However, such is not the case with one of our readers. Having the question received, we make a decision to find how to fix that.

After our research, the default custom fields will come back to your WordPress site with the below code.

Fix Custom Fields Not Showing in WordPress - Custom Fields Code

There are some instances where you are afraid to mess up your website with code snippets. Then the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin is a great alternative which enables you to create custom meta boxes.


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