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How to Find Which WordPress Plugins and Theme A Popular Site Is Using

How to Find Which WordPress Plugins and Theme A Popular Site Is Using

No matter which niche your website is in, you can find some top and popular websites that are within the same category. In this case, you might be looking to copy their success. For instance, you may imitate their post writing styles and check what topics they are likely to edit. In addition, you can also use the same plugins and templates as those of your target websites. This way, your site can not only look, but also work in the same way as those successful websites.

In the following, we have shared some simple ways about how to find which WordPress plugins and theme a popular site is using. Here, we’d like to notice that the first thing you should do is to make sure that your target website is a WordPress powered one. This can be confirmed by checking the “wp-content” phrase from the source code of the webpages.

How to Figure Out the WordPress Plugins

In order to find out which WordPress plugins your target website is using now, there are 3 main methods shared.

Method 1 – Use the Plugin Detection Tool

Actually, there are a lot of automatic detection tools you can use to achieve this goal. For instance, you can try the online tool of WordPress Plugin Checker. After entering the checking page, you simply need to offer the domain name of your target website, and then, click the Check Site button.

You just need to wait for a while. Then, you can easily know whether your checking target is a WordPress site or not. And also, you will be informed of the number of installed plugins, along with the plugin names.

WordPress Plugin Checker
However, there is a drawback of this method. In most cases, these detection tools cannot find out all the plugins that are used by your targets. The detection is not comprehensive generally.

Method 2 – Check the Source Code

If you are looking for the deep insights of all the installed plugins, you can also check the source code for your target site. Here, you simply need to right click on the website and click the View Page Source button from the drop-down menu. Then, you can hit the “Ctrl + F” on the keyboard for the quick search of “wp-content/plugins”. In most cases, the term that comes after this searching query is the name of the installed plugin.

Check the Source Code

Here, you’d better check the source code on different page components of the site, such as the sidebar, comment section, footer and header for the in-depth detection.

Method 3 – Leverage the Google Search Engine

This method might fail to work if your target site has already forced some strict security settings. After all, this practice is viewed as a quick hack. However, you still can have a try.

For this, you simply need to enter the searching query of “site:domain.com/wp-contents/plugins/”. Then, the search engine can list the used plugins in the searching result.

How to Figure Out the WordPress Theme

If you want to find the WordPress theme used by a popular website, there are another 3 methods for you to use. Frankly speaking, the detection result can be a good suggestion for WordPress theme selection.

Method 1 – Check the Footer Section

Firstly, you can have a quick view of the website footer section. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to find the theme name or the website link of the theme author. However, this can rarely happen on some truly popular sites.

Check the Footer Section

Method 2 – Use the WP Theme Detector

The tool of the WP Theme Detector is a useful tool for figuring out what theme is used by a particular website. In most cases, it works out.

To use it, you only need to enter the correct website domain and hit the Experience the Magic of WPTD button. A few seconds later, you can be presented with the theme name. Even, the theme detailed information can be showcased, such as the version, the author, the general description and the license. By clicking the More Details button, you can also check the theme demo easily.

WP Theme Detector

Method 3 – Check the Coding Stuff

Don’t worry about the coding stuff. This practice is pretty simple. You only need to right click on the homepage of your target website and click on the View Page Source button. Then, you will be redirected to a scary webpage that is full of the HTML markup.

In the next step, you need to find the CSS style sheet from the lines of codes. For this, the easiest way is to start the quick search for the keyword of “style.css”. It is possible that you may find multiple results. If so, you need to target one that is after the term of “wp-content/themes”.

CSS Style Sheet

After that, you can left click the style.css link. This way, you will be taken to another page that displays the contents of this style sheet for the installed template. At the top of the whole page, you can get the clear information of the theme name, URL, author and author link.

Template Information


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