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How to Find Pending Users in WordPress

How to Find Pending Users in WordPress

Almost all the webmasters will provide an way for the user registration. One of the popular methods is via newsletters. Pending users refer to those who have not yet accepted the invitation within a week. They will take over a space in the database. To make your WordPress website clean and optimized, you have the need to find the unconfirmed users. In this article, we will have a further discussion on how to find pending users in WordPress multisite and on single WordPress site.

When new users fill out your WordPress registration form, they will receive an invitation email where they can click the activation link to create a password for their account. Sometimes, users are not able to click the link in their email which never reaches them or gets caught in their spam folder. Perhaps, they have just changed their minds and left the link inactivated on the purpose. As a result, they cannot log into your WordPress site and leave more footprints until they receive the email and activate their account.

User Registration and WordPress

The user registration ability is given to each WordPress user. This can make your business better target at potential customers after the creation of a community via mail. As a result, the increased conversion rate will be just around the corner.

But there are also some problems caused by the user registration. Your WordPress website which enables user registration is also exposed to spam. This is a common question to face in the process to run a website. In the market, some tools can be taken into consideration for the great reduction of spams. One of the results is that your comment section can be cleaner. Stopping spam becomes much easier with the use of a proper tool. Alternatively, you can approve new user registration manually in WordPress.

Find Pending Users in WordPress Multisite

By default, there is no way for you to view and manage unconfirmed users due to the defect of WordPress multisite networks. However, it does not mean that you are not able to make up for the defect. To begin with, you need to search for Unconfirmed in WordPress plugin directory.

After installation and activation, the plugin will add a new tab “Unconfirmed” under the Users menu. On the result screen, you will see a list of inactivated members. Here you are allowed to resend an activation email, activate users with manual efforts, or delete spam users. We advise you to directly enable the activation option on the condition that you can recognize real users.

Find Pending Users in WordPress Multisite with Unconfirmed

Find Pending Users on Single WordPress Site

Spam registration featured with weird-looking names is not a new issue if you allow users to sign up on your WordPress site. For the security of your site and the better using experience, you should tell real users and not approve spammers who want to create a fake account and never activate it. To solve the problem, you can customize the user registration form.

On one hand, you can add more additional fields for more user information, which helps you offer better content on your WordPress site. On the other hand, you can add reCAPTCHA to the registration form so as to stop the unreal users (for example, automated bots) from registering on your website.

In our experience, we recommend the Ultimate Member plugin which allows you to fully manage your users and approve real users with manual efforts before they can login. To start with, you should master how to create a custom registration form or directly use the default registration form on the Ultimate Member > Forms page.

Custom Registration Form

After that, it is necessary for you to change “Auto Approve” into “Require Admin Review” in the Registration Options section under the Ultimate Member > User Roles menu.

Registration Options

When you update your change, you will have a full control over new users on the Ultimate Member > Dashboard. When you click “Pending Review”, you will be brought into a page where you can approve new memberships, resend an activation email, etc.

Approve Users

Note: We cannot rule out the possibility that your WordPress site fails to send the email notification. If so, you need to fix the email sending issue immediately.


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