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Why You Can't Find .htaccess File in WordPress

Why You Can’t Find .htaccess File in WordPress

The deletion of .htaccess file is one of the solutions to troubleshoot WordPress errors. You can be one of the readers who have trouble finding .htaccess file. It will be a question where your .htaccess file is. In fact, there is nothing wrong with your WordPress site. This article will reveal why you have the failure to find .htaccess file in WordPress and come up with solutions.

What Is .htaccess File?

.htaccess file is used to control the way for the accessibility of visitors to your WordPress site. This server configuration file provides you the possibility to protect some directories, redirect users, and handle some other things in WordPress. With the proper use of the file, you have more chances to improve your website security, boost your website performance, and more.

There is no surprise to see that you cannot find .htaccess file. It can be learned from the dot before the file name that this is a hidden text file. Therefore, you cannot directly see the file from your FTP when accessing your web server. However, it is possible for you to force your FTP client to show hidden files.

Find .htaccess File in WordPress - FTP

Why You Can’t Find .htacess File in WordPress?

However, there are some instances where .htaccess file remains invisible even after your settings. Most often, this could be because .htaccess file is non-existent on your WordPress site due to the file permissions issue.

On the Settings > Permalinks page, .htaccess file will be generated at the first time of setting up pretty permalinks. The whole process is within a click on the Save Changes button. Then .htaccess file generated by WordPress will be available from the root directory of your website.

Find .htaccess File in WordPress - Permalinks Screen

A very minor possibility exists that WordPress lacks the ability to generate .htaccess file. Indeed, file permissions issue is the most likely cause of the error. Then at the bottom of the Settings > Permalinks screen will lie a notification. You will be informed that .htaccess file cannot be writeable.

Find .htaccess File in WordPress - Notification

The above code will appear on the condition that you have set up permalinks before. And you have the need to add the code in your .htaccess file.

Notepad is a recommended text editor for you to deal with the code before. The next thing is to include the code in your .htaccess file on your local computer. After saving your changes, upload the file to your WordPress root directory with the use of an FTP client.

Chances are that an error will happen in your process to upload .htaccess file. In this case, the file permission needs to be changed for your root directory. A file permission dialogue box will come after the click on the parent directory. And the number value should be 755 in the dialog box. Then .htaccess file can be uploaded into your WordPress root directory.

Find .htaccess File in WordPress - File Permissions

Wrap Up

Before making any changes to your .htaccess file, creating a backup of it is necessary for a higher level of website security. If there is something wrong with your .htaccess file, you will encounter a major issue in WordPress. And an attention should paid that you might have the problem to find .htaccess file though you have followed all the steps. A different software in your server, for example, Windows, should be responsible for that.


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