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Where to Find Free Image for Your Blog Posts?

Where to Find Free Image for Your Blog Posts?

find free image for blogTo write quality articles and posts, we keep all focus on the content, with beautiful sentences, using exact words, optimizing keywords, descriptions, Meta, etc. However, we should also take awareness of the images. After all, a proper image is worth a thousand words sometimes. Some bloggers may face a difficulty – where to find free and quality image for the posts? In this article, therefore, we share some resources of the top places to find free images for your posts, making the content shining.

As writers or bloggers, we are all about words. But sometimes, some top bloggers and writers insert some images into the posts because they know using a right image in the article can bring a multiplier effect. So what are the benefits?

  • A proper image can better convey the reader’s mind. It is live, with colors, graphics, and characters, more vivid and convincing than the fixed words.
  • With an image embedded in a large body of text, it can be easier for you to attract the readers’ attention.
  • It’s tired for readers to read a long augment of text, inserting images into posts can reduce the reading fatigue.
  • Illustrated article is more attractive to readers while readers are more likely to exit when see a post which fills sentences in the entire width of the screen.

You should note that inserting the proper image into the right place can bring these advantages. Otherwise, it may have a worse experience and effect.

Usually, the image should be clear, high quality and suitable for the content. Where to find such images for your posts? Don’t worry. Below are some online sources where you can download high definition images for free.

Photo Pin

Photo Pin is a website gathered millions of creative and high quality images. It is designed for help bloggers and writers find images for their blogs easily, and make the adding process simply and fast. You can search for the topics, preview the images, and click “get photo” to download the image and get the proper attribution link. If you search for a topic, it displays the sponsored images at first, and then the result image. When your mouse moves over the image, you have two options as “preview” and “get photo”. If you click the sponsored images, you will be taken to the third party photography websites, where you need to pay for the license to use the image while it will show a larger view of images if you click the actual results.

Visit PhotoPin.com

find free image for blog - photoPin.com

Flickr.com Common Creative

Flickr is a community backed by Yahoo!, for sharing, storing and managing photos online. Users can upload their photos via desktop or mobile apps, like and comment photos, and download for use. However, before you use it, you need to sign up an account.

Visit Flickr.com

find free image for blog - Flickr


Foter is a popular site welcomed by bloggers to sources high quality free images. It allows users to manage, search and add stock image that is free to people. Till now, this site has hosted more than 190 million free Creative Commons images. Be similar to Photo Pin, users are also able to search for images by filling keywords, and grab the embed code to insert them into posts. Note that the embed code is mandatory to include all necessary CC attribution. If you want, you can customize the embed code for resizing the images.

Visit Foter.com

find free image for blog - Foter


Stock.XCHNG is a leading source of free stock photos allows users browse the huge image gallery and share their own photos with others. If you search a keyword, you can get the result which is made up of two aspects – premium results and actual results. The premium results display a group of images on iStockphoto.com which are charged for $1. On the other hand, the actual results show the relevant images on SXC.hu, all of them are free to use.

Visit Stock.XCHNG

find free image for blog - stock


StockPhotosForFree is a new website for images. It contains more than 100,000 photos, which are unlimited downloaded and 100% free. It has a user friendly interface and is neatly organized the images into categories. However, it needs users to sign up before downloading the images.

Visit StockPhotosForFree.com

find free image for blog - stock photo for free

These are some outstanding places to find free images. If you only need some simple images, you can just search it in Google Images, with which you can find a free image extremely fast.


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