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Fatcow VS iPage – The Best Cheap Hosting Comparison?

Fatcow VS iPage – The Best Cheap Hosting Comparison?

Both Fatcow and iPage are under the same administration of the Endurance International Group, and carry out the same business style. But there still exist some differences between them, such as price, advanced features, performance, and others. So, which one is on earth the best cheap hosting choice?

In this comparison, the editor reveals the differences between Fatcow and iPage on account of editorial & customer ratings, price, feature, speed, technical support, etc.

Fatcow VS iPage > Editorial & Customer Ratings

Before we set about this comparison, it is significant to display the editorial ratings about their overall services, performance, control panel, and technical support respectively. All of these ratings are impartial, on the bases of our comprehensive reviews and years of experience. From the below ratings table, we can clearly see that iPage is better than Fatcow for the cheaper price, richer feature and better performance.

Editorial Rating iPage FatCow
Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 3.5 stars
Performance 4.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5 stars
Control Panel 4.5 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars
Technical Support 4.5 out of stars 3.5 out of 5 stars
Website iPage.com Fatcow.com

In addition to editorial ratings, we also take the customer satisfaction rate into account. Until now, we have gained 111 iPage reviews from real customers, which manifests that it has won approximately 100% customer satisfaction rate.

With regard to Fatcow,we have received 13 reviews from its real customers, however, they indicate that 76.9% of customers are satisfied with Fatcow.

Fatcow VS iPage > Price

iPage supplies three plans, including The Essential Plan, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. For The Essential Plan, the regular price is $7.99/mo. The good news is that you can enjoy a special price at $1.99/mo by going through this exclusive promotional link. But please note that this low price is only valid for 36 months subscription. For 12 months plan, the price is $2.99/mo.

In contrast, Fatcow also possesses three plans as Original Fatcow, VPS services and Dedicated Servers. If you bill the monthly plan, the price is $5.00/mo, while it is $4.08/mo for 12/24/36 months plans. You can compare the price between Fatcow and iPage in the below table.

Billing cycle iPage FatCow
12 months $2.99/mo $4.08/mo
24 months $2.49/mo $4.08/mo
36 months $1.99/mo $4.08/mo
Payment Credit Cards & PayPal Credit Cards & PayPal
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days
Website iPage.com Fatcow.com

From the above table, both of Fatcow and iPage support payments as credit cards & PayPal, providing 30 days full money back guarantee, but iPage is obviously more affordable than Fatcow. Besides, note that the 30-day money back guarantee of Fatcow is valid for credit card payments only.

Moreover, both iPage and Fatcow offer ad credits to help customers boost their businesses, including $100 Google AdWords, $100 Bing credits and more.

Fatcow VS iPage > Features

When it comes to features, both iPage and Fatcow feature unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL Databases. In addition to the unlimited package, both web hosts allow you to get a domain name free for the first year. However, there is a fact that neither of them works with cPanel and includes SSH. vDesk is not as powerful and popular as cPanel, only being utilized by a small part of web hosts. And SSH is crucial for the secure connection for remote command execution.

Feature iPage FatCow
Free Domain 1 for One Year 1 for One Year
control panel vDesk vDesk
Blog Setup Wizard Yes No
Photo Gallery Setup Wizard Yes No
Free Online Store Yes No
Shopping Cart Yes Yes
Enhanced Security Suite Yes No
Python No Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Social Networking Ad Credit Yes Yes
Website iPage.com Fatcow.com

But there are still some evident differences in other offers when you read the following table for the features included in plans. From the above feature table, we can clearly see that iPage is better than Fatcow for the richer feature, which help you to set up your websites easily and securely.

Fatcow VS iPage > Speed

iPage has 2 data centers in Boston and MA area, consisted of over 800 web servers. Besides, each data center is equipped with advanced and secure network technology, which is comprised of redundant servers to ensure fast website loading speed and few service interruption.

In accordance with our monitoring statistics in the past 6 months, iPage has excellently outdid its commitment of 99.9% uptime, but actually delivers 99.95% uptime on the overage. Read the uptime record of the past 30 days in the chart below.

In contrast, Fatcow uses two data centers in Boston. Its uninterrupted power is ensured with backup generator system, with the data center facilities and system hardware monitored 24/7. But its uptime is approximately 99%, still dwarfed by the comparison with that of iPage.

Fatcow VS iPage > Technical Support

iPage provides 24/7 technical support powered by knowledgeable technicians. You can seek help via phone, live chat and email. Anytime when you ask them for help, they are responsive and reachable, helping you patiently and friendly. Besides, the extensive support center is available, including a knowledge base and multiple user guides.

Fatcow also served by 24/7 technical support via phone and live chat, so as to knowledge base and user guides.

We have tried all the possible ways to contact the support teams of these two companies. As a result, we find that the average waiting time of the support team from iPage is less than 60 seconds, while that from Fatcow is about 90 seconds.

Fatcow VS iPage > Carbon Footprints

Nowadays, we have understood the importance of protecting our environment. In our daily life, we can take many measures to reduce our carbon footprints. A great way for webmasters is to purchase the service from a green web host.

It is appreciated that both Fatcow and iPage power their data centers with green energies instead of fossil fuels. In addition, the green badges are displayed to show their strong environmental awareness. In a word, both web hosts leave green footprints on the environment.

Which is the Best Cheap Hosting choice?

Both iPage and Fatcow are good web hosting providers. Frankly speaking, iPage is a better option for individuals, bloggers, designers, and small to businesses in light of editorial & customer ratings, price, feature, speed, so as to technical support.


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